The leader of “Radical party”, ex-MP Rada Oleg Lyashko on the evening of June 19 in the air “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” spoke about the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine.

Video statement Lyashko was released on account of “Shuster LIVE” on Facebook.

He drew attention to the alarming statistics of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, fixing the growth rate of the epidemic in the country.

“The numbers that we see every day with the increasing number of incidence, reinforces my perception that the situation is out of control. Or maybe already out,” said a former MP.

He criticized the authorities for, in his opinion, ineffective measures Kiev to contain coronavirus.

“I don’t see the logic. Two months to keep the country in quarantine when recorded for 100 patients (per day – ed.) and today, when under a thousand already gets the quarantine is cancelled… Millions of families were left without savings, empty pockets, closed stalls, shops, bazaars. And instead saw ‘Velour’ this rotten thug works “Epicenters” work”, – said the leader of “Radical party”.

He called on the authorities by his own example to show people how to respect quarantine measures, and strengthen social protection to the victims.

“It is very unfair to drive millions of people to quarantine and thieves to open restaurants. You people today will not return to the quarantine. If nothing is done, the number of sick and dead will rise. But you have no right to say: “Go back to quarantine,” – said Lyashko.

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Elena Ostapets