Odessa zoo has congratulated happy New year chanson and a pig

KIEV. 19 Dec. UNN. Odessa zoo congratulated the New 2019-th year, removing holiday spot. It was published on the YouTube channel of the zoo, reports UNN.

So, the video shows how the man in the pig costume comes into the office, where in the Director’s chair sits a man dressed in a dog costume. Note that the dog symbolizes 2018, which is already completed, and the pig – 2019, which will come soon.

So in the office between a dog and a pig of a conflict: the pig tries to expel the dog, but she fights back and beats his opponent in the head. The pig did not give up and took the bat. So she managed to kick the dog out of the room. During the video, the pig has even resorted to shooting the gun.

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“My approach is quite clear and simple. A celebration of life for the earth has come”, the song in the moment when the pig throws towards the dog knives.

The song ends with the pig manages to capture the Director’s chair.

We will remind, brothers Vitaly and Wladimir Klitschko in suits of Santa clauses recalled childhood and has congratulated Ukrainians on New year and Christmas.