India officially refused to supply the Russian carrier-based fighter of the fourth generation “MiG-29K”. Indian military complain that due to constant breakdowns of the plane impossible to exploit.

This is reported by Russian news agencies and
declare that the machine manufacturer, the Corporation “MiG”, has officially confirmed
information about fiasco in Moscow.

Journalists reported that the military of India speak about the Russian fighter aircraft, which is “riddled with problems”. The military
engineers serious complaints about the quality of the airframe, control system and
training program simulator.

However, the greatest problems arise during operation
with the engine – over the last 8 years factory defect was the cause of the seizures as much as 40
power plants.

However, Russian experts confirmed that
the situation around fighter “MiG-29K” is a heavy reputational blow to Russia, which India has completely abandoned the purchase of Russian
fighters in favor of competitors.

Earlier, India has already struck a blow for the Russian aircraft.