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Dust storm covered several areas of the city

11.03.19 116010

Monday, March 11, in Odessa, a strong wind caused a dust storm which has covered several areas of the city. It is reported by the Duma.

According to local residents, the clouds of dust sucked Malinowski, Kiev and Suvorov districts of the city.

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Also, the city was declared the second level of danger due to strong wind, the speed of which reached 25-28 m/s. Became known that during the above-mentioned dust storm in Odessa, the wind speed increased to 40 m/s, and in some moments, and 60-70 m/s.

In addition, in the village of Odessa region Sukholuzhzhya death tore the roof off the House of culture. The wreckage of the roof has damaged the electrosupport, because of what the dead were ten houses.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • On the morning of 11 March in the city of Khmilnyk, Vinnytsia region, on the 29-year-old woman fell a tree, she died.

  • In Kiev, a strong wind blew the roof off the building near the metro Golden gate.
  • Also in Korostyshiv torn by the wind the roof has killed a woman and seriously wounded her daughter.
  • And in Nikolaev the tree fell on a minibus, injuring the driver and two children.
  • 11 March, Ukraine declared orange severity due to strong winds.