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The who has recognized the failure of vaccination global problem, 2019

11.03.19 8000

Facebook promised to remove ads containing false information about the dangers of measles vaccines. Advertisers repeatedly publishing antiprivivochnaya fake, can lose their accounts, reports The Guardian.

Facebook is also going to reduce the coverage antiprivivochnaya groups and pages, reducing their rankings in the news feed and removing of the recommendations. For example, in a closed American band “Stop compulsory vaccination” is 150 thousand users. In addition to the rejection of vaccination in these groups suggest pseudo-scientific methods of treatment of measles, such as taking large doses of vitamin C. Physicians warn that misinformation is harmful to the health of not only the activists of antitreponemal and their children, but also of the whole society, reducing herd immunity and posing a threat of epidemics.

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Platform YouTube also recently promised to change the recommendation algorithm to reduce the number of proposed videos about vaccination, which misinform users. And the social network Pinterest in 2017 the right to prohibit the promotion of non-vaccination and the sale of drugs “alternative medicine”.

As reported by the Focus:

  • A study involving more than 650 thousand children showed that measles vaccine does not cause autism. The myth about the relationship of vaccination to autism appeared in 1998 with the filing of the British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who subsequently lost his license for rigging the results of the experiment.
  • Over the past twenty years because of irregular supplies of vaccines and antiprivivochnaya sentiment level of immunization in Ukraine fell by almost two times. The result – an epidemic of measles, a serious illness, from which there is no cure. Doctors can only ease the symptoms and fight complications: pneumonia, otitis, conjunctivitis, meningoencephalitis.
  • In 2018, measles has infected more than 52 thousand citizens of Ukraine, 16 of them died.
  • According to the world health organization (who), failure to vaccinate is in the top ten global health threats in 2019.