Photos of the Odessa police major became world champion in combat SamboPhoto:

In addition to the gold medal, Odessa received a cash prize – $3 000

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Lecturer in special physical training of Odesa state University of internal Affairs Anatoly Voloshin became the world champion in combat Sambo. On Thursday, November 15, the Duma.

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It is noted that the championship, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Sambo was held on 9-11 November in Bucharest (Romania). Its participants competed in sports and martial sections. Odessa took the gold in the combat section and the weight category up to 100 kg.

In the final major of police has won ahead of schedule. With a throw on four points and the full deduction, he scored a vital advantage.

In addition to the gold medal, he received a cash prize of $3 000.

By the way, Anatoly Voloshin in may this year won the European championship on Sambo, held in Athens.

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