In Kharkov without heat are about 200 houses

KIEV. 15 Nov. UNN. About 200 homes in Kharkiv were left without heat due to leaks in heating systems. About it UNN reported in the press service of the Kharkiv regional state administration.

“Technically “Kharkiv heat networks” (KP “Kharkov thermal networks” – ed.) gave heat to all the houses, but all the time there are gusts, so the situation is constantly changing. As of this morning, without heat there were about 200 houses,” – noted in a press-service, referring to the Department of housing, utilities and infrastructure development of regional state administration.

RSA explained that the impulses associated with the worn condition of heating systems. As expected, the heating is disconnected from the warmth of homes connect “to the end of the day”.

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As for the Kharkiv region, “100% of all residential houses and social objects connected to the heating”.

Recall that in cities where there were problems with the calculations for heat, there was a failure of the heating season. Among them was Kherson, a town of Shepetovka (Khmelnitsky region), Smila (Cherkasy oblast), Kamensk (Dnipropetrovsk region).

So, in the city of monay because of the lack of heating in schools announced additional holidays. The educational process is suspended in 13 schools of Kherson and four schools Shepetovka is located in the Khmelnitsky region.

In Kryvyi Rih people came out to protest. They burned tires, demanding to start supplying gas to the boiler heating plant.

In the end, began to restore a heat supply of cities.

However, in Smila Cherkasy region, the situation remains critical. There are 11 schools stopped teaching, I had to close the hospital. Today, the city has left the government Commission composed of the heads of the Ministry of regional development, Cherkasy regional state administration PJSC “cherkassygaz” and Vice-President NAK “Naftogaz”.