Starting next year, a new railway robot inspector will start working in one of the European countries. It was developed by the Norwegian company Nordic Unmanned on the order of an unnamed national operator of railway infrastructure. The main advantage of the drone is that it does not need to block the tracks for its operation – it itself avoids collisions with trains.

The drone was named Staaker BG-300 and is an upgraded quadcopter that received a frame and four light wheels with electric drives that allow it to ride on rails. The speed of the device is only 20 km/h, the maximum power reserve is 200 km, but the drone has retained the ability to fly. More precisely, to rise into the air to miss an oncoming train or move to a neighboring track.

The tasks of the Staaker BG-300 are many and all come down to analyzing the condition of railway tracks and mechanisms on them. The drone can not only identify problems on the arrow, but also lubricate it with the help of an outboard module-an oil can. The robot carries a set of sensors on board and can independently inspect the railway on large sections of the track.

Source-Nordic Unmanned