Russian MMA fighter Dmitry Kuznetsov commented on his video in which he ridiculed Habib Nurmagomedov. According to Kuznetsov, the champion of UFC in lightweight sets a bad example to his fans, but many are afraid to criticize him. At the same time, the athlete noted that not trying to offend residents of Dagestan.

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Russian MMA fighter Dmitry Kuznetsov, known for her performance in Fight Nights Global, commented on his video in which he ridiculed the champion of the UFC lightweight Habib Nurmagomedov. According to Kuznetsov, a misinterpreted his message, so he decided to explain what prompted him to record the song “King of hypocrisy”.

“I went to this step, because no one else would dare. No one publicly has still not expressed, because everyone is afraid of, and it is wrong. There must be justice and respect for each other, not based on force and fear. Why the others do not Express their true opinion in the direction of the eagle (the nickname Nurmagomedov. — RT)? Apparently afraid of the consequences?” wrote Kuznetsov in his Instagram.

Recall that a few days ago, the athlete was published on YouTube a video in which appeared in the form of Nurmagomedov, wearing his trademark attribute is his cap. In the video clip the champion of UFC in lightweight is accused of hypocrisy and cowardice. Kuznetsov also reminds him of the history with the prohibition of concerts and theatrical performances. In addition, the video parodied a number of ambiguous situations in which Nurmagomedov has been in the past, for example the story of when he offered the homeless money for push-UPS.


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The views of users of social networks about this video are divided. Some supported Kuznetsov and praised him for his courage, others jokingly expressed concerns about his safety, and still others criticized the fighter for the fact that, having achieved nothing himself, he openly insulted a titled athlete. In addition, some saw in the video disrespectful attitude to all representatives of the Caucasian peoples.

Kuznetsov stressed that the purpose of the clip was to make fun of exclusively Nurmagomedov and his team. He added that he did not intend to delete the video and ready to answer for his words.

“Video and song — this is my personal opinion that arguments with real facts and actions of your idol. His behavior is directly proportional to people’s worldview, because you and the younger generation take his example as a national treasure. In spite of all sporting achievements who he is as a person? The man who taunts the hungry homeless? Or the person who has the right to decide what kind of music do you listen to? Maybe the one who decides all the questions with the help of physical force?” — said the soldier.

According to Kuznetsov, to explain his position, he was advised by a former professional boxer Khanlar Azizov. The ex-athlete said that he repeatedly sent a video of those who considered that it contains insults of Dagestan. He added that one should not give offense “to themselves, their religion and their Homeland”, but noted that, in his opinion, Kuznetsov criticizes exclusively Nurmagomedov.

“Yes, the video nasty, I think Habib or his brothers decide this issue. I explained to him (Kuznetsov. — RT) your opinion, but he’s convinced he did the right thing. For me it is important that people not touching my Republic and my religion. For this I will stand to the end. But if they Express their opinion about the person, I think this question must decide for himself,” wrote Azizov.

It should be noted that the boxer himself is in conflict with Oleg Taktarov. He criticized former UFC fighter for speaking about Dagestan and the Caucasus, and even provoked to a duel.


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Nurmagomedov has yet to respond to the controversial song and music video, however, the head of Global Fight Nights Kamil Gadzhiev suggested that neither the UFC nor his team should not expect a response. He noted that during cooperation with Kuznetsov had not happened to him as a fighter.

“I think Habib and people close to him will not go now because of this video deal with it. This is absurd. They should just have the temple twist, if there really is something offensive, and at the meeting to chide. Maybe there are people who will say: “Dima, do not have to do this, you set up the audience for MMA against yourself.” Because Nurmagomedov — absolute character of this industry, and it is brewed Kuznetsov”, — quotes the words Hajiyev “Sport-Express”.

Previously between the two fighters conflict situations arose. In December of last year, Kuznetsov was involved in the trouble. He reported that he was attacked by three unknown men, who allegedly specially pushed him, but he decided not to stay in debt, after which a scuffle ensued. However, it was only known from the words of the soldier, so many did not believe him, and Hajiyev advised Dmitry to change the profession.

In total, Kuznetsov had 17 fights, 11 of which have ended in his victory. Last fight took place in January within the framework of the Alash Pride tournament, where Dmitry took over Arman Saparov.