The former goalkeeper of Russian national team Ruslan Nigmatullin has commented on the decision of the Board of Directors of the Moscow “Locomotive” not to renew the contract with head coach Yuri Semin.

  • Reuters

“The news is sad. When not renewing the agreement with the coach of a team that is in second place, and even with the specialist who had done so much for the team, we are not talking about a sports principle, and on a personal relationship. Apparently, the leaders just don’t get along with the coach. Anyway, I’m sure Semin is not the last command. I’m sure he will continue to train because he loves his job and can still Express themselves in a particular area”, — said Nigmatullin RT.

He noted that in place of the head of the “Locomotive” would leave it as is.

“But the post of Director General is Vasily Kiknadze, and he decides what actions to take to then report back to the Board of Directors. But I think that was the consensus. Apparently, inside there is a conflict. Of course, from the situation does not look so, that coach should immediately remove, although the season can still be played,” added the former goalkeeper of railwaymen.

Previously Semin commented on the decision of “Locomotive” not to renew his contract.