Partners news Nick Vujicic again will arrive in Kiev to work together with Ukraine to celebrate Thanksgiving

The international holiday of thanksgiving has not yet had time to settle down in Ukraine. Perhaps the fault, not the easy life of Ukrainians, which, unfortunately, every year it becomes more difficult and unpredictable. A heavy burden on the shoulders of the people is the war, unemployment, higher prices, discouraging pensions, fear for the future and many other problems. However, on September 17 Thanksgiving Holiday for Ukrainians will arrive special guest Nick Vujicic, a man of legend, a world-renowned motivational speaker, a man without arms and legs.


Despite the physical limitations, Nick deftly wielding a computer keyboard, plays soccer, swim, surf, parachute jump, drive a car. The productivity of this person are the envy of everyone: he runs a non-profit organization “Life without limbs”, created to help people with disabilities. About 250 times a year, speaking from the scene, has written several books which instantly become bestsellers, acted in movies, becomes a hero of the famous talk show, one of the ten most influential people on the Planet. He is married and has two sons. Nick is sure that he is who he is, only by faith in God.

Over the past two years, the three Ukrainians were able to see and talk with Nick Voicecam. In Ukraine, Nika know everywhere, from Parliament to the military hospital. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were motivated his extraordinary life, stories from his travels in the most miserable places on our planet, its incredible victories and heart-warming revelations. During previous trips he has spoken before thousands of audiences, was a guest at business Lunches, party press conferences and talk shows. To meet Nick was able and heroes multimedia project “Peramos” that lost limbs, but not disheartened. By his example, Nick was able to inspire and change the lives of these people. His incredible wisdom, personal example and ardent love to the Ukrainians – will be the most important part of Thanksgiving this year, because he decided to come back to Ukraine to encourage the Ukrainians in this difficult time of war and crisis.

Autumn nick’s visit to Ukraine will be different from all the others. 17 September at 19:30 there will be a charity performance of Nika in the centre of Kiev on Khreschatyk street. The festival will gather more than 500 000 people, and thanks to the live broadcast of channel “Nadiya”. to hear the man the legend and to celebrate thanksgiving with the Ukrainians will be able to more 20 countries.

This time Nick will share the main secret of success life without limits – a faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in the dream, how to be strong in difficult times. He knows the secret of how to be a Winner, when everyone can see you lost. This is the power, faith and love that is inside of nick. That’s what broke his spirit, rescued from a life of humiliation, oppression, and lifted to the heights. We invite you to be part of this major event for inspiration and renewal of our nation!