The researchers are convinced that the Apocalypse will overtake humanity in a matter of days.

According to ufologists, now deadly space
the body is located between the Sun and earth that allows them to calculate
speed of planet X passes “Диалог.UA”.

From mid-December Nibiru “growing” on
pictures of conspiracy theorists every day and a half to two times. If the trend
continue, Saturday, December 29, “the death Star” hide
the earth from the Sun, and in the first day of 2019 will invade our planet.

In the first hours of the new year is frightening
body enters the Earth’s atmosphere. Protective shell of the globe will burn out and live
beings will be exposed to strong UV exposure. Average
the temperature on earth will increase to a critical level, and the Land will spread from
SUPERVOLCANO before the collision with Planet X.

Earlier, the British scientist spoke about the impact of Nibiru
on Uranus.

Recall that the planet killer has captured in the sky one
residents of the Russian Vladimir.

Also, “death Star” was seen by the passengers of the plane that flew over Russia.