Google has developed Pixel headphone Buds that can translate from one language to another in real time. Sometimes they are compared to the ageless character of the bestselling “Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” the Babel fish.

Headphones translate and give the opportunity to speak foreign languages, which is clearly shown at the presentation of Google a few days ago. During the demonstration, the native English speaker was able without much difficulty to maintain a dialogue in Swedish.

According to the developers, Pixel Buds is a personal interpreter who is always there. So, for example, if you want to order pasta in Italy, as a native Italian you need to click on the right earpiece and say: “Help me to speak Italian”. Now a speaker of the smartphone will loudly say in Italian any phrase that you will speak in their native language. When the waiter will tell you, with headphones you will hear a translated phrase.

Pixel Buds are real polyglots in their Arsenal already, there are 40 languages. Headphones compatible with all smartphones based on Pixel and Android version of Nougat 7.0 or later. Start of sales is scheduled next month at a price of $ 210.