Nearly 73% of Russians believe that violence and torture is acceptable – survey

In some cases


Up to 73% of Russians believe the permissible use of force by the authorities in certain situations. This is evidenced by data the sociological researchspent by Fund “Public verdict” and sociologists teaching laboratory, reports RBC-Ukraine.

The study included nationwide telephone survey, which was attended by 786 respondents, and a survey on the Internet conducted by the use of targeting in social networks and through the media sites.

Respondents offered examples of specific situations in which they could put themselves in the place of the police, jailer or physician of the psychiatric hospital. In each case it was necessary to determine how valid or necessary the use of violence. All cases for the survey are taken from the human rights practices of the “Public verdict”.

In General, the security forces have the right “to go to minor violations of the law for the disclosure of socially significant crimes”, decided to 41.4% of the respondents. Disagree with this statement for 50.3% of respondents.

Abuse of law enforcement officers called themselves the 12.3% of respondents; 28.6% of the respondents said that they know about such cases with their relatives and friends; 21.8% had witnessed the beating, which caused other people, police and medics.