Become aware of how the storm in the Black sea was to prevent criminals to commit smuggling of cigarettes.

It is reported that the tug “Parallel”, a victim of the disaster 15 miles from the southern Palmyra, swam, and pulled to the side of Bulgaria the barge, which was criminal the shipment in the form of cigarettes without excise tax reports “Диалог.UA”.

At that time, when the storm increased, and the further course forward has become a threat to the lives of seafarers, the crew unhooked the barge and gave the signal that they are in distress. After that, the signal noticed the tanker Arcadia, who was passing by, and saved them from the unenviable fate.

It is worth noting that not yet known anything about what happened to the tow, but the very barge the storm came ashore in the area of Chernomorka. There’s also the ship and was taken under the protection of the gpsu.

It turned out that on Board the barge were 10 thousand boxes, each of which accommodates 500 packs of contraband cigarettes. Based on this, we can conclude that in the hold of the barge there were as many as 5 million cartons of cigarettes that were not taxed.

In 2016, the staff of SBS were found near the state borders of the Ukrainian state packets of contraband cigarettes worth 70 thousand euros.

At the end of the 2017 lie raised to 30% excise duties on tobacco products.