Local media noted that this is not the first visit of the warships of non-black sea country to the southern Palmira.

Early on the morning of March 23, NATO ships under the French flag moored in the Odessa trade port. Two days before he passed black sea Straits and entered the Black sea, reports “Duma”.

As it became known, it is about the minesweeper “Capricorn”, which refers to a mine hunters class Eridan.

This clarifies that the “Capricorn” has become a frequent guest in the black sea basin, in 2006 he travelled to the Bulgarian city of Varna, where he participated in large-scale international exercises of the Navy. In Ukrainian territorial waters, the minesweeper will also participate in the exercises, joint with Ukraine. Exercises with the Ukrainian Navy ships program PASSEX will be held until March 26, after which the trawler will leave in place the home.

This is not the first visit of the warships of non-black sea countries in Odessa port. Earlier, Germany were sent to the Black sea warship to deter the aggression of Moscow towards Ukraine.

Recall, the Russians conducted large-scale military exercises on the territory of annexed Crimea, the gunners will work out a powerful missile systems.