“My heart is breaking…” – Mogilevskaya shared a touching message from a fan immediately after the attack of the Russian Federation

Natalia Mogilevskaya showed how one of the Ukrainians reacted to the brutal bombing of our country by the Russian Federation.

After the horrific missile attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine on Tuesday, January 2, Natalia Mogilevskaya posted a touching message from her long-term fan on her Instagram account. A brave and emotional girl wrote a poem proving that Ukrainians are still strong in spirit, as well as support each other and believe in the best.

The artist warmly thanked the fan: “Knowing that I am not alone in this bombing, that my heart is bursting with excitement, (you – ed.) wrote me this poem. How amazing, touching and honest you are in your poetry. Thank you for your support.”

Subscribers of Mogilevskaya also reacted very emotionally to the poem of a compatriot:

“It’s too loud, so Lyudina could write, I’ve been through everything, I’ve been through everything, to tears! God, Ukraine is safe.

It is painful, resentful. Kamchatka, trimimosya!

A double-hearted thief, making his way to the glibini soul…

This is the world…Goosebumps.

God, I’m crying so hard.

It’s not a mistake, it’s a mistake. It reads like this, it’s warm in the shower, you’re wrapped up in a blanket, you’re so loud, you’re trembling all alone.”

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