Saturday. Cairo. Pavel TIMOSHENKO, the fourth time in his career wins the world Cup. Photo:

Vice-champion of the Olympic games in Rio Paul Timoshenko won a convincing victory in the second world Cup stage in Cairo.

Our leading pyatibrat, head of the Protocol after the first two species never allowed to doubt the superiority – and at the finish of the combine 12 seconds ahead of nearest rival Frenchman Valentin Prades. Gold Egyptian sample was the second this season (after the February silver in Los Angeles), 14th in total and the fourth highest standard Timoshenko medal in the world Cup.

30-the summer inhabitant of Kiev has traditionally shown modest for themselves of a second in swimming is 2.12,91 (285 points, 30-th result of the 36). But it felt like a master at fencing the track, having won the largest number of victories – 26 (256 points). In the bonus round, the leader of the Ukrainian team spent respectively only one match, lost to his teammate Andrei, Fedechko that led to surrender of the Egyptian Eslam Hamad and Russian Alexander Lifanov.

Note that the 26-year-old citizen of Lviv, Fedechko, showing the third result in fencing (21 wins, 229 points) and swam the 200 m freestyle for 2.09,12 (292 points, 19th place) before jumping was fifth. But to find a common language with Sandiaga it did not work. Four of a refusal, zero points and he rolled in front of the combine in the third dozen. In fairness, we note that jumping was fatal not only for the bronze medalist of the world Cup 2015. Acquaintance with the Egyptian horses was not happy about a third of the finalists, more specifically, seven were left with nothing, five not out at the start (among them the Ukrainian Denys Pavlyuk).

Much better things were Timoshenko. He and his Armada cost one felling and not just retained first place, but also ten seconds has increased his advantage over closest rival by Eslam Hamad. Now it was equal to 22 seconds.

The processor is in the execution of Vice-champion of the Olympic games in Rio turned out to be not exemplary. To close five targets on the first and third lines, it took him seven rounds, the second six, the fourth – and does eight. But he could afford it. As his closest rivals also shooting was far from ideal.

On the last lap Timoshenko left, having a comfortable enough advantage to win was not to worry! Finished second to Valentin Prades, who started 11th in 46 seconds from Timoshenko. The Frenchman in four of the shooting was allowed five misses and had the best time at the combine (compared to the Ukrainians was a 15-th result).

Note that the Egyptian stage was not the most stellar in composition. Due to the fact that the Cup in modern pentathlon are scattered on different continents, athletes set priorities for themselves. So, Paul Timoshenko was the only one of the three prize-winners Los Angeles, who arrived in Cairo and the only Ukrainian participant of the second stage of the world Cup, who played in the United States.

Pleased to note that all six members of our team in Egypt made it to the finals. At the same time for 25-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Alexander Koval it was the debut in the world Cup, and his age from Lvov Zinaida Farmhand to do this only once participated in such competitions – in April of last year in the Hungarian Kecskemet. Then she couldn’t qualify, now could count on more than thirtieth place, if not ill-fated Verkhovna riding.

A little more experienced 23-year-old Valeria Permikina from Kiev could theoretically even to intervene in Cairo in a dispute over the award. After three rotations, she held sixth place, but the harvester on Sunday, the athlete has not worked – and in the end it rounded out the top ten, which, incidentally, became her best personal result in the world Cup.

The next world Cup to be held 6-8 may in kecskemét (Hungary).

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

CAIRO (Egypt). World Cup. 2nd stage. Men. 1. TIMOSHENKO (Ukraine) – 1420. 2. Prades (France) – 1408. 3. Liebig (Germany) – 1407… 24. KOVAL – 1238… 27. A. FEDECHKO – 1079… 35. PAVLYUK (Ukraine) – 454.

Women. 1. (UK) – 1356. 2. ZyXEL (Turkey) – 1326. 3. Sotero (Italy) – 1313… 10. PERMIKINA – 1286… 30. LABORER (both – Ukraine) – 1010.