Photo video In Odessa also held a rally in support of the detained in Minsk activists

Under the Consulate of Belarus gathered 30 people


In Odessa, held a rally in support of activists detained in Minsk during the celebration of freedom Day. Under the Consulate of Belarus gathered about three dozen people. About it reports UKRINFORM.

The protesters expressed support to the Belarusian people. Many speakers recalled that Belarusians helped the Ukrainians during the Maidan events in Kiev and are now fighting in the Donbas for Ukraine’s independence.

“We came to Express support of free Belarusians who want change in the country that their country has become really independent from external and internal factors… We want to show that Odessa, Ukraine, supports people who have experienced and supported us during the Maidan, was with us on the Maidan. Representatives of the Belarusian people today and protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in the East. And we believe that Belarus could become a Federal state for Ukraine. We Express our solidarity with those who yesterday took part in the “March of freedom” in Minsk,” – said one of the organizers, head of the Odessa branch of the “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko.

Police officers and national guard present at the scene of the action near the Consulate did not intervene.

We will remind, on March 25 in Minsk and regional cities of Belarus held the opposition rally “Freedom Day”. In the capital, it was combined with “March of the angry Belarusians”, both events were not sanctioned by the authorities. The police did not allow participants to organize a March along the Central Avenue of the city. According to human rights activists, hundreds of people were arrested, including journalists from different countries.