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Minneapolis city hall, where mass protests began in the United States, demanded to disband the local police

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Members of the city Council of Minneapolis has announced its intention to seek the dissolution of the police Department of the city, but don’t think of how it should look. They themselves told RIA “news”.

The proposal came against a background of mass protests against the impunity of the police after the death of the African-American George Floyd. The vast majority of Council members supported this idea, which deprives the mayor of Minneapolis the opportunity to veto it.

One of the ideologists of this initiative, Jeremiah Allison said that the formation of ideas on how to organise security without the police, and to discuss this idea with the public will take at least a year. Thus, in his opinion, it will be necessary to allocate more money to solve social problems.

“We often hear from police when you ask them to respond with less force: “Look, I’m not a social worker”. This suggests that maybe we need to hire more social workers to travel to these challenges,” said Allison. In particular, this can apply to challenges on domestic violence and youth issues.

“We also know that investing in support companies, the withdrawal of people from a life of gangs actually works better than if you hide them behind bars. Why don’t we support these efforts with money? I think, then our city will be safer,” continued Allison.

He stated that he does not admit the existence of the police in its present form, arguing that commit crimes and are brought to account units. On the question of who, then, will respond to serious crimes, he did not answer, saying only that lawmakers “cannot go on without a plan” and plan a whole new structure of social security, where there may not be space for the police. Part of this structure can be force armed response, as the Council plans to consult with citizens.

President of the city Council Lisa Bender reminded that the Council has adopted a resolution prohibiting the police to use choke holds, as well as requiring police officers to announce the use of their other guards. “But as far as policy changes, bylaws changes, budget decisions, – all this will involve the society,” he assured Bender.

What should be done after the dissolution of the current police Department, Bender could not tell as to answer the question about the reluctance of mayor Jeremy Frey to disband the police. Sam Frey reported a day earlier. “We are with the mayor for a long time worked together we were members of the city Council. The mayor will participate in any of our process. Sometimes we vote, sometimes we compromise. We will work with the mayor,” said Bender.