The plane military-air forces of Ukraine arrived to the military base in salt lake city in the first days of the new year. According to some reports, preparing test modern military equipment of the Ukrainian production in “American terms”.

Learned about the secret visit of the military Ilyushin Il-76 army national guard of the United States in salt lake city. This was written by some American publications, and the Network posted the respective footage. Journalists are wondering what is the purpose of the Il-76 Ukrainian army arrived in America. About it reports the portal Militaryblog.

According to information received, the transport Ukrainian air force arrived in salt lake city, January 3 at 12:00 local time. Military analyst Joseph Trevithick (website The War Zone) for this reason reports that the aircraft was displayed as a “liner 737” with the registration UR-IVK, which belongs to Ukrainian airline Dniproavia. But the trick is that the members do not perform any flights to the United States.

Meanwhile, the user of social networks who are interested in military topics, has published another confirmation of the “secret visit” from Ukraine.

Provides information about upcoming military trials, where the key role is the brainchild of Ukrainian designers.

It should be added that in the past year, sending a radar 36Д6М1-1 American partners of Kiev became the reason of loud tantrums in Russian military circles. The cause of the disturbance is primarily in the fact that Russia uses a similar technology, and the gesture of the Ukrainian side, according to Moscow, reveals the American “military secrets”, providing access to the Russian counterpart.

Recall that occupants continue to turn Crimea into a closed military base: there are new details about the military equipment of the Russian army in the annexed Peninsula.