Flash in the sky over Turkey

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Flash in the sky over Armenia

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Flash in the sky over Stavropol territory

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The evening of may 27 in the sky over the Eastern half of Turkey’s numerous eyewitnesses saw a fireball and bright flash. An unusual phenomenon was observed on the vast territory not only in this country but also in neighboring Armenia, and even in Russia – in the Stavropol region.

According to scientists, it was a meteor. Witness the flight of a celestial body were residents of the Turkish provinces of Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Kars, Erzincan, Ardahan, muş, bingöl, Igdir, Agra, van, Erzurum and diyarbakır.

As told local media scientist, University of the Aegean Ozan Unseen, celestial body, burning in the atmosphere, flew to Georgia. Its fragments might have fallen into the sea near Batumi. He also made a path in the direction of Sochi, reports Stormnews.

Meteor seen in several cities of Armenia, including Yerevan. The Director of Byurakan Observatory named after V. Hambardzumyan, Areg Mikayelyan in the interview with noted that the meteorite quite often fall, and, as a rule, are of small size. He believes that burning up in the atmosphere the stone was only a few centimeters long.

“There are so-called “star rain”, when meteorites enter the dense layers of the atmosphere and burn up there, and we are witnessing the trace of the combustion process. In fact, we only see traces of combustion of meteoric bodies,” he said.

In Russia to witness the rare phenomenon were residents of the Stavropol region. It could be seen from Stavropol, Mineral Waters, Pyatigorsk, Nevinnomyssk and Novoaleksandrovsk, informs a portal “Victory 26”.

In social networks some witnesses suggested that it was a meteor, someone mistook it for a comet and even fireworks. Meanwhile, official information on the incident yet. As reports of the devastation or fall of celestial bodies in the region, said “KP – Northern Caucasus”.


???? Türkiye’nin Doğu illerinde dün akşam yaşanan ve birçok noktadan gözlenen göktaşı yağmuru Erzurum Palandöken dağında bulunan kameralara yansıdı

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Türkiye’de bu akşam ve yaşanan bir çok noktadan gözlenen göktaşı yağmuru Doğu Karadeniz Bölgesi’nde de güvenlik kameralarına yansıdı. Göktaşı yağmuru bu akşam saat 20.30 day’dan Türkiye’nin bir çok şehrinde görüldü.

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