News Agency Bloomberg reports that since the beginning of summer in the assets of many major automotive brands there is a new service. Registered users will be able to take expensive models of cars to rent, just making them a subscription through a special application. These options implement BMW, Volvo, Lincoln, Lexus and Mercedes.

To use the service, “Mercedes-Benz collection”, you need to install the branded app to load a photo of your driver’s license and pay the fee for activation in the amount of $495. Further, it offers a list of convertibles, SUVs, a compartment and models from AMG, with rents from $1095 to $2995 per month. There are no restrictions on the driving range, plus you will automatically obtain insurance coverage, provided maintenance and roadside assistance.

Similar conditions, according to Bloomberg, are going to offer and other brands, the only difference in the cost of services and the variety of models, but they are all above average. Although I will attempt here to form some niches, for example, Volvo plans to freeze the price tag on $600, and BMW and Porsche, by contrast, start with $2,000.

Source — Bloomberg