Kim Jong-UN

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The last photo of the leader on the KCNA website published in news on April 12, inspection of a regiment of the air force

In the media there were reports about the death of Kim Jong-UN, which is not seen in public since April 11. As happened many times with news about the lives of the North Korean elite, on the reliability of such publications is difficult to judge, and official sources in Pyongyang stubbornly silent.

RIA “Novosti” reports that the surveyed experts “do not consider information about the health of Kim Jong-UN trustworthy”, and later spread rumors about his death called “unlikely.”

The New York Post, citing Hong Kong sources reported on Saturday evening that the North Korean leader probably died. The newspaper’s sources was based on the message on Chinese social network Weibo, the top Manager of the Hong Kong television HKSTV about the death of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. However, pretty quickly she has deleted your message.

According to others, the North Korean leader underwent heart surgery and is in a coma.

So, according to the version published by the Japanese weekly Shukan Gendai, the doctor who carried out Kim Jong Ynu heart surgery, was very nervous, his hands trembled, causing the operation lasted eight minutes instead of one.

“Chairman Kim Jong-UN during his inspection tour of the region, suddenly clutched at his heart and fell. Accompanying a group of doctors, in the rush to conducting CPR, took him to the nearest emergency room”, – quotes a Japanese author words of your source in Chinese medical circles.

Earlier, South Korean newspaper the Daily NK reported, citing a source in North Korea that Kim Jong UN is undergoing treatment after surgery that is associated with the cardiovascular system.

According to Reuters, April 23, from China to North Korea has sent a delegation of 50 doctors headed by a senior functionary of the international Department of the Communist party of China. A source suggests that Chinese doctors went to Korea to help Kim Jong Ynu.

“However, a group of North Korean doctors, believing that if they will wait for Chinese physicians, the patient will not survive, decided to carry out an emergency surgery to install a stent in the heart”, – noted Japanese publication. By itself, the surgery to install a stent in the blood artery is not too complicated, it “takes about one minute”. Official confirmation from the authorities of the DPRK, of course not.

Telegram-channel, covering events in the countries of Southeast Asia, writing that the DPRK TV shows old movies with Kim, trying to disprove the rumors of his death.

State radio, the DPRK on Sunday morning, reported about the activity of the leader. In a radio message said that “comrade Kim Jong-UN thanked the workers and staff sincerely helped to create the city of samjan”. In what form was transferred to the gratitude, not specified.

On Saturday, KCNA reported that on Thursday, the leader of North Korea, received a congratulatory telegram from the head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov on the anniversary of the visit of Kim Jong-UN to Russia.

The Russian Embassy in the DPRK said that the leader presented a basket of flowers on the anniversary of his visit to Russia.

The last photo of the leader on the KCNA website published in news on April 12, inspection of a regiment of the air force.

North Korea was already prepared emergency plan in the event of the death of Kim Jong-UN, says Japanese newspaper “Yomiuri”. At the end of 2019, the country’s leadership made a decision: in case of emergency, the head of the country will stand by his younger sister Kim yo-Jong, officially occupying the post of head of Department of propaganda and agitation of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party of Korea. Argue, however, that her real power is much broader.

It is known that she also studied in Switzerland and is the second most influential person in the country.

After this decision, many of the orders came from the name of Kim Yu-Jeong. In March this year was issued her first official statement on international issues.