Today, March 26, in Moscow found dead of major General of the FSB Sergei Sokolov in his apartment.

It is reported by Telegram channel Mash.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia in helicopter crash in
Khabarovsk Krai killed the FSB General Anatoly ezhkov.

It is noted that the body found in the apartment, which is located
in the North of Moscow. The operatives were found with the body of a retirement
the identity of the FSB and military ID showing posts KGB and the FSB. According
relatives, the victim was not connected with the beginning of March.

The police did not find traces of violent death on a body
General. It is also reported that there are signs of struggle, robbery or
finding other people.

Law enforcement agencies have started investigation into the incident, the body
sent for an autopsy. The apartment Sokolova was found an Arsenal of weapons.

Earlier in Moscow was found the body of a FSB General, Oleg

Russian journalist Vladimir Posner was formerly a KGB officer. This was told by FBI special agent Kevin Helson.