Media: Apple has resumed the production of iPhone X

KIEV. 23 Nov. UNN. Apple has again started to produce smartphones model iPhone X released in 2017, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources, reports UNN.

According to them, the company expects to increase sales and improve profitability, since often the components to build the smartphones are getting cheaper, and production equipment is depreciated.

Interlocutors of WSJ involved in the supply of smartphones, said that the resumption of production of the iPhone X partly due to Apple’s contract with Samsung SDI, a major supplier of displays for organic light emitting diode (OLED) for the Apple iPhone X. need to buy from the South Korean manufacturer a certain number of displays, according to sources of the newspaper.

As a reminder, the American technology company Apple has discovered manufacturing defects in the work of MacBook Pro 13 and iPhone X. As reported by Bloomberg, citing a company statement, the owners, who are faced with problems, ready to repair the device.