Well-known experts from the world of politics continue to destroy the odious candidate for President and her current and past actions.

Boris Kushniruk, a prominent Ukrainian expert on issues of politics and Economics, said that next year will be the experiment a third time, and the Ukrainian people will vote for the person who has twice held the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine and has brought the situation in the country to out to serious issues, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Then, according to the political and economic expert Kushniruk, Ukrainians will have another opportunity to experience what it is when you make promises that are simply impossible to perform.

For example, Yulia Tymoshenko has promised that will take the aggressor country $ 100 billion as soon as they come to power.

Previously, Julia has managed to arrange a PR campaign on the death of the prominent Ukrainian activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

Recall that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko warned the country that the coming wave of rabid populism and promises.