The military situation in Ukraine,”Lyon” may not come to Kharkov for the match with “Shakhtar”Jean-Michel Ola/Photo:

Meeting of the two teams had planned to hold 12 Dec

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The President of Lyon Jean-Michel Ola said that he has not yet decided whether his team for the match of the sixth round of the group stage of the Champions League against Shakhtar, writes

The reason for the possible failure from coming to Ukraine may be martial law in the country.

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“The match “Arsenal” in Ukraine, moved. We don’t know going in whether Ukraine, given the political situation. It’s hard to find a plane to go there. UEFA will take a decision,” said Ola.

The meeting between Shakhtar and Lyon was planned to be held on 12 December in Kharkov. Shakhtar in this game, only victory will do to get into the playoffs of the tournament.

Recall, as previously wrote, the focus in the Sports section, Advisor to the Chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Sergiy Storozhenko said that the football match of the group stage of the Champions League season 2018/19 Shakhtar – Lyon will take place on 12 December in Kharkov, despite the introduction on the territory of Kharkiv region of martial law.