Lyashko: we need to prepare for big growth COVID-19 in autumn

KIEV. July 18. UNN. Coronavirus disease is seasonal, so the fall in Ukraine may again come an increase in disease. About this on air of the talk show “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster” said the chief state sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko, reports UNN.

“First and foremost, I believe that coronavirus disease is also seasonal and in the summer time we not see that the epidemic potential of mers. It circulates as a flu-like illness, and more “burn” of the country “burn” with the flu and flu-like diseases. More alarmingly it is necessary to refer to the beginning of the autumn period that we’ve had a seasonal increase of influenza and influenza-like illnesses. This is the November we have the first wave, February — the second wave. That’s when we can have a big increase, here we need to prepare,” — said Lyashko.

According to him, our country is now experiencing growth because Ukraine have eased restrictive measures, and some took it as a total failure — as a business, and people.

“Formed such that it is possible coronavirus is a myth. It is not a myth, unfortunately, the count of deaths and diseases in the world “ticks”. Yesterday was once again registered a record number of patients globally,” added the doctor.

As reported UNN, the health Ministry said, when waiting for a vaccine against coronavirus.