Lost in translation: trump has offered to kill coronavirus, shining in the body powerful light, or by the injection of disinfectants

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Immediately after the briefing, the doctors began to explain that bleach cannot be used for purification of the body, and sunlight is the treatment for coronavirus


Coronavirus dies in just a minute from the effects of disinfectants or from sunlight, announced the President of the United States Donald trump at the daily briefing of the working group the White house on the coronavirus. Therefore, the leader of the free world offered to somehow enter into the body of the infected patients, injections of these disinfectants or send them inside the body a powerful stream of light or the ultraviolet light, and then the coronavirus in the body will die.

“Suppose we put our body to the impact of a powerful beam of light, whether ultraviolet or just a very powerful light… If you can deliver light into the body through the skin, or in any other way, it destroys it in a minute – quoted trump’s NBC News. – Disinfectants kill him for a minute, just a minute. Maybe there’s some way to enter the injection of these substances into the body or clean the inside? It would be interesting to check out.”

These strange insights trump made on the basis of the report of the acting Deputy head scientific and technical Department of the Ministry of internal security bill Bryan. He claimed nothing of the sort, but only stated that as a result of experiments with samples of coronavirus was found out that the virus does not tolerate sunlight, high temperature and high humidity. The half-life of the virus on surfaces exposed to sunlight and high humidity is reduced from 18 hours to 2 minutes. Consequently, he said Brian, in summer conditions, the spread COVID-19 can be significantly slowed down. In addition, household disinfectants has also been found very effective in the destruction of the virus: bleach kills him for five minutes, and isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) – in just 30 seconds, added Brian.

In reality, found U.S. scientists about the effects of sunlight on the coronavirus

“But most of all we were struck by the powerful sunlight, which destroys the virus – both on the surface and in the air. We observed a similar effect with temperature, and humidity when increasing temperatures and humidity, or both, as a rule, created less favorable conditions for virus” – quoted by “Voice of America” saying of Brian at the briefing in the White house.

However, President Donald trump, after hearing this report, simplified conclusions of the study and informed the Americans about the domestic disinfection and beams of ultraviolet light in the body.

“If you think that these proposals seem like bullshit, it’s because the way it is,” writes Gizmodo. Even the head of the Task force response the White house on coronavirus Dr. Deborah birx, who also attended the briefing, looked bewildered by such strange statements of the President.

Inject Clorox?

Breathe in Lysol?

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Shocked experts in the field of medicine suggested that the President was told incorrect information.

Immediately after the briefing, the doctors began to explain that bleach cannot be used for purification of the body, and sunlight is the treatment for coronavirus.

“The proposal to enter into any organism any household cleaning tools is irresponsible and dangerous, said to NBC News, the pulmonologist, associate Professor at the University of Washington Wines Gupta. Is the same method that people use when they want to commit suicide”.

The head of Department on control of quality of the food and drug administration (FDA) under the Ministry of health and social services Stephen Khan told CNN that in any case is not recommended to ingest disinfectants.

“Much of what the President said about sanitizers or phototherapy (treatment with sunlight or bright lights from artificial sources with wavelengths of approx. ed.), does not make any sense, the Professor said, a cardiologist from the hospital of George Washington University Jonathan Reiner, who advised the White house under President George Bush. All need a quick solution. And the President clearly wants quick solutions. But they don’t exist. We must rely on the insights of science.”

According to him, there is no medical reason for trump’s statements about the treatment of coronavirus sunlight. According to Rainer, and solariums not suitable.

The ambulance doctor hospital of Rhode island brown University Megan early warned that “long exposure to the sun or ultraviolet lamps not only protects from COVID-19, but also dangerous, it causes sunburns, skin cancer and other dangerous consequences.” “Do not think that this is another miraculous cure,” said early.

The world health organization (who) has repeatedly explained that “exposure to sunlight or temperatures above 25° C do not prevent infection with coronavirus”.

This is not the first pseudo-scientific recommendations of the President of trump for the treatment of coronavirus. In March and early April he was regularly called hydroxychloroquine “medicine” from COVID-19, and recommended that the Americans did “try”. However, he stopped the “promotion” of hydroxychloroquine when a number of studies have proven its ineffectiveness in the treatment of coronavirus, and several people died in USA, deciding to treat them yourself at home. At the end of March in Arizona, the man died, who took home the chloroquine phosphate, which a few decades is used against malaria, believing that this will protect it from infection by coronavirus. His wife was hospitalized and later told NBC News that they watched the briefings, during which time trump talked about the potential benefits of chloroquine.

In reality, scientists have found the United States about the effects of sunlight on the coronavirus

Direct sunlight has a strong effect on the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and contributes to his death. With such statement the adviser of the Ministry of homeland security for science and technology William brown spoke at a briefing on Thursday, April 23.

At a temperature of 21-24 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of 80% “half-life” of viral particles trapped on the surface of a drop of human saliva is 2 minutes, and for the same particles in the air and 20% humidity – about a minute, he said.

Brian referred to the research of experts of the national center of the US biological defense analysis and countermeasures (NBACC). According to scientists at a similar temperature and lack of sunlight “half-life” of the particles on the surface is 6 hours at 80 percent humidity and 18 hours at 20-percent, and in the air (with a humidity content of 20 percent) is about 60 minutes.

The results of the study have not yet been published. Experts NBACC emphasize that the chain of transmission of the causative agent COVID-19 there are still unknown parts.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 were detected in more than 2.7 million people in 210 countries and territories since its discovery in China in late 2019. From the effects of the disease died over 191 000 people. In absolute terms the first place the number of infections and deaths is the United States.