Have nevirapina people there have been problems with concentration and judgment. This is because a sleep deficit increases stress levels.
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Researchers from the University of South Florida once again proved how dangerous is even smaller sleep deficit. If people loses only 16 minutes of sleep, it negatively affects their performance the next day, as was demonstrated by the observation.

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In particular, such people have marked problems with concentration and judgement, they are much easier distracted by extraneous matters when you solve those or other tasks. In addition, their stress levels increase further than those of my colleagues who get enough sleep, but it is also bad for the performance, writes MedikForum.

The authors of the study believe that the employer will be beneficial to offload their employees and give them the opportunity to spend more time to sleep, because in this case productivity will increase, and the company’s revenues will increase. Unfortunately, many employers these relationships do not see, or it seems to them indirectly, since statistics show that an increasing number of large corporations are practicing regular and rush processing. And fear of unemployment causes people to spend to fulfill their responsibilities more and more time.

Earlier scientific studies have shown that sleep deficit facing the accelerated aging, chronic stress levels, increased risk of certain tumours and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, nevirapine people are more irritable, they make more mistakes.