This pest was produced child. The boy broke off the bronze figures, trying to climb on the monument. Adults pretend to not see anything.
The monument to the Unknown sailor in Odessa damaged rebenok Odessa, the monument to the Unknown sailor has removed part of the figures denoting the date of its opening, has damaged the child.

As reported the UNIAN in the municipal institution “Centre-077”, is set when the study of records taken from surveillance cameras.

As it turned out, the afternoon on April 21 in the Parking lot, not far from the monument, the van arrived with a young family – wife and two children, one of which damaged the monument.

“The boy 6-8 years old pulled up, and broke a bronze figure under the name of the monument. Convinced that the child was in absolute ignorance of the gravity of his act. Also confident in the fact that the accompanying adults all knew and understood,” – said in the institution, and emphasized that parents should directly be punished accordingly.

“If you leave things as they are, tomorrow we will not have monuments, will not remain a memory”, – stated in the message.

As explained the press-Secretary of the profile Vice-the mayor Nikolay Pokrovsky, the incident recorded camera KU “Centre-077”.

According to him, around 17:00 the boy trying to climb on the monument, grabbed numbers, and broke them. According to the press Secretary, children and their parents came to the monument on the Fiat white. All these data are transferred to law enforcement agencies.

The Director of the Department of culture and tourism of Odessa city Council Tatyana Markova called the incident a “moral DNA”.

“Such actions – a complete lack of moral principles. Total rejection of their own history… the Numbers are restored by the forces of communal services”, – said Markov.

As reported the UNIAN, today in a press-service of the Odessa city hall reported that vandals damaged part of the inscription on the monument to the Unknown sailor, located on the walk of Fame.

Reference to UNIAN. The monument to the unknown sailor in Odessa opened on 9 may 1960. Erected in memory of sailors who died during the defense and liberation of Odessa during the Second world war. The monument is located in the Central Park of culture and leisure. Of Taras Shevchenko.

The memorial includes an obelisk of red granite with a height of 21 meters, which is the walk of Fame. At the foot of the obelisk burns an Eternal flame. On the walk of Fame in single and mass graves were buried the heroes of the defense of Odessa: the airmen, Marines, captains of warships to deliver the besieged city cargo, sailors, guards etc.