2 APR 1975. Kiev. Republican stadium. USSR – Turkey – 3:0. Viktor KOLOTOV takes the free-kick. Photo: Efim SHAINSKY




Implement declared the last time the program: the competition, the team, the championship of the USSR. On the first leg of the semifinals with the Dutch PSV, we visited, on the return, April 20, you are invited. Welcome to Eindhoven.


What problem was intended to solve the Dynamo in the second leg? To protect the result of the first leg (3:0) that virtually guaranteed an exit in the ending, or to prove a pattern of victory over a skilled who knows a lot about football opponent, Yes there are over the best team of the Netherlands (legally formalize the championship in may)?

Answered questions before the game Valery Lobanovsky: “We went to Eindhoven with the task to reach the final. Therefore, the result of the match is of little interest to us. The main thing – to not let the opponent to eliminate the formed in Kiev, the deficit.”

Pre-match excitement, natural, and even some anxiety was felt. The Dynamo were afraid of the stormy onslaught of the hosts, driven mad support from the fans singing the club’s anthem. The press attache of the Kiev Michael oshemkov prudently bought the album with the anthem PSV and were played back repeatedly at maximum volume, so the guys are used. With the first referee whistle they calmed down and expertly began to implement the plan of mentor. Individually strong, well-trained master in the art of keep away the minimal advantage of the adept, the major expense of a home meeting the task is simplified.

In Eindhoven, the visitors orchestrated a multi-layered defense. At the forefront was vistupali in battle with the attacking Blokhin and Onishchenko, especially the ubiquitous, hyperactive “Energizer” Kolotov. The first barrier was built with a few hardened fighters, extremely attentive, focused, able in combat to join, the ball competently to select, friends to help, and as a convenient moment comes, a quick, unexpected counter-attack to organize. Important honor installation – personal care (safety net) of Estrema.

This game, when I do not show the initiative and the other hands linked, entertainment does not contribute, but the task aimed at achieving the desired result, can solve. The end justifies the means.

It is not surprising that the Dynamo deliberately gave the home territory with the main base, the middle of the field. The ball, the Dutch owned, the tension created, exerted pressure, but in reality nothing is created and a goal was not enough. Arose by chance. Grossly mistaken Rudakov. Having mastered the jump ball, upon landing dropped it. Edstrem there to get close to his massive seven-meter space is a trifling matter. Guests before and after they scored in a rare counter acted sharper, but material benefits are not extracted.

The figure of the second half of the game remained unchanged. Defenders easily repelled the monotonous pressure of the Dutch. In close quarters, condensed as you get closer to goal, the hosts lost, and Edstrom on which to bet (someone compared it to the Queen on the chess Board), extremely restricted in space. Once he got the opportunity to “turn your head” in the physical sense. Chance took advantage brilliantly, showed a master class. Jumping all around, responded to the transfer from the right and expertly deflected the ball into reach of the goalkeeper point: hit the “number nine”.

Was 85 minutes. The ending did not quite nervous, thrilling, heart-attack because seven minutes before the goal of Edstrom scored substitute beet. His goal in beauty of execution, aesthetic perception was a serious competitor just described. Veremeev shot in the penalty area, and Leonid effectively at low level flight, hammer head much the flying ball into the net. A modest loss (1:2) not prevented the release of the final General, a highly reliable score 4:2. Happy with the result, which ensured the winning result, journalists have variously estimated the quality of the game.


K. Mikhailenko (“Evening Kiev” from April 24) joy concealed with difficulty. Informing readers about applied in Eindhoven away model with mandatory intense defense, praised compatriots for their courage, resilience, patience, ability to implement coaching plan. V. Mirsky (“Komsomol banner” from April 27) gave vent to his feelings. Browser, restrained, objective, praise and blasphemy making the case, suddenly broke through, saw what he saw his colleagues from other publications. Publish an excerpt from the report after the first Dutch goal: “Missing because of some relaxation of the goal, our players have gone on to win back… In minutes matching beats Dynamo “Eindhoven” clear flashed today the pride of Champions of the USSR, who believed in his star, in his calling to set the tone in the European arena. It’s a great game! She promises us the beginning of a hitherto unseen Dynamo.

In 1975 the people of Kiev issued advances will work. Later, its fall of maturity. We their success, the highest in the club of Soviet history in the international arena, promochem. But after the return match in Eindhoven not everything was rosy. The correspondent of the “Football-Hockey” (No. 17), seemed to be watching another game. He spoke in detail about coaching defensive wing with a pronounced desire not so much to score, how not to do it to the opponent. About counterattack of Kiev said: “note that this time the attack mechanism the Dynamo worked with a creak. In this sense, and forwards, and the Midfielders would have to be more fineness.”

Happened in the game an unpleasant episode: sent off Veremeyeva. Not a word of reproach to the arbitrator in our media followed. Was given a sober assessment of the conflict and the conclusions, justifying, and explaining the behavior of the offending player. April 24 “Youth of Ukraine” and praised the Spanish referee S. ibáñez’s strict and objective judgment. In the game, in the episode with the removal of Veremeyeva he was guided by the letter and spirit of the law. Our arbitrators such principles.

Football weekly analyzed the situation deeper insights made accented directed far beyond the PSV stadium. “We have to stay on the shady side of the game. Two warnings and removal from the field are too much for one match, wrote the anonymous author. Warning Konikowo was made for the fact that our medical team without the permission of the referee entered the field, and Veremeeva – for stopping the ball with his hand. This laxity, disregard for the rules. Our stadium and that, and another violation, he may be able to remain unpunished, we have seen time and again. But homemade benefits as we constantly see players just razvalivayutsya and get penalties from foreign judges seemed to be for nothing. But it’s not nothing, it’s the rules, and their execution is included in the concept of high-class gaming team. And deleted was Veremeev for an intentional foul that deserved a yellow card, but the second time the judge showed him a red” (“Football-Hockey”).

Anyway, the people of Kiev for the first time participate in the competition reached the final, made it confident and instilled hope for a happy outcome of the campaign. The final is scheduled for mid-may. And while, strictly adhering to the plan, cast your gaze in the direction of the team.


The failure of the national team of the USSR in recent years, reducing the once high international authority was the last straw General (not just sports) to the public. The last straw was a major defeat (0:3) in the opening stages of the qualifying tournament of the European championship the national team of Ireland in October 1974. A humiliating defeat against a mediocre team shook the upper floors of sports (and party) of the pyramid and fans outraged multi-million mass. They demanded to take immediate and drastic measures in order to make our team strong, tough, able to fight for the top places in European and world tournaments.

These considerations guided in the highest sports bodies of the country, the sports Committee of the USSR, which adopted the corresponding decree signed by its head Sergey Pavlov. Konstantin Beskov soon after the disaster in Dublin responded to the many angry and not very easy questions, explained how I came to such a life. Making plans for the future (intuition is nothing wrong predicted) and was convinced that in the USSR there is the base command for team. The Committee assessed the situation differently. Found not one, but two base of the club – the two best teams of the championship-1974. Dynamo formed the basis of the USSR national team, Spartak Moscow – Olympic. Senior coach of the first team appointed Kiev coach Valery Lobanovsky, head of the team – his friend and colleague Oleg Bazilevich, and the chief was invited from Leningrad Yuri Morozov. In the Olympic team, the reins passed to Konstantin Beskov, helped him “steering” “Spartak” Nikolay Gulyaev, the functions of the chief fulfilled Nikolai Starostin, in whose veins, according to his confession, flowing red-and-white blood. “Spartak” with the role of the basic command failed. Very soon, the number of Spartacus in the Olympic team has declined significantly. The first experiment completely succeeded.

One in two persons Dynamo had the protection of titles (championship and Cup) in the domestic competitions and successful performance in the international: pass on the “perfect” spring session of the European Cup and the European qualifiers to overcome the barrier. Spring was heavy, saturated with all-Union and international tournaments. Alternated, almost on top of each other not overlapping. Here is not to make a mistake would be to time to change the blue and white of Dynamo t-shirts on red team. And Vice versa.

The last time I didn’t share about the spring training camp of Kiev. Today, the gap will fill. Dubbing is not required: speaking about the team, implied Kiev “Dynamo”.


From 24 December to 8 January was prepared on the bases and constructions of Kiev. From 10 to 20 January, stayed in Yugoslavia, and specifically in the Adriatic, in the town of Basco Field. Attracted by the mild climate, excellent technical equipment bases and status fields, as well as many, for every taste, sparring partners. On January 29, is scheduled to play in Lisbon with the national team of Portugal. The national team of the USSR in the face of Kiev “Dynamo” and the eight invited from other clubs went to the Balkans without the players of “Spartak” and “Ararat”. Decided not to bother: Spartak have been busy in the Olympic team, the townspeople were preparing for the match of 1/4 of final of Champions Cup with Bayern.

In Yugoslavia played five matches. Opponents were selected according to the degree of increasing complexity, that is to say, the resistance of the material. The first – from the depths of the championship each of Croatia. The city of Solin, if you heard about this, imagined. Before the break, led 2-0 after you allowed the natives to recoup – 2:2. In the next three games won with a minimum advantage. What matters to the champion of Yugoslavia came, Hajduk showed what his boss, – 5:2. There was one planned already at the level of teams, in Lisbon, Portugal on January 29.

On the eve of the 28th, our media was still unsure and people announced: the match will take place. Day was the second (they replaced each other, without deviating from the schedule), the game neither hearing nor the spirit. Does lost? Or some political complications arose with both sides, with mutual feelings of hostility that are not in contact. Diplomatic relations were established only in June 1974, less than a year. The reason is, if you believe the officially announced in the Soviet press, prosaic, rather for the damn capitalists, if they are wrong, is typical. In modern Russian, the grandmother is not shared. The organizers have not agreed with the owners of the stadium of Benfica, where the match was to be held, about the “sawing” of money.

After returning home, aliens have to go home, and the team in the face of Kiev “Dynamo” continued preparation (20 February) on the black sea South. In a three-week span, the Dynamo with the guys sweats herded Nemer, a lot more entrenched in the national consciousness seven. And the two sparring, dressed in jerseys of the team, drove in Tbilisi “Dinamo” (1:1) and in Adler with “Ararat” (1:0). Two short, two-day gathering was organized with the involvement of released to their clubs collections.

Then went to another business trip abroad, again, in Europe, in the West in Belgium and France, where for ten days, three matches, underline, control had. Lost Belgian “Lokeren” (0:1) and won the French “Chateauroux” (2:0). And how it came to most of them credible, “Lyon”, showed the true power, repeated the score of the match with Hajduk – 5:2. You know, like, ours. The qualifying game with Turkey in Kiev about a month. Judging by the growing results (in the words of them, the coaches did not give) and more confident each time the boys looked, the time spent productively.


That represented the Turkish national team? Classification according to France Football, before the game in Kiev Turkey was formally (don’t laugh) favorite, because it occupied in the hierarchical European ranking 23rd tier. The national team of the USSR, of course, you remember, was placed on the 27th. Trust the ratings – it is the last. Examples are numerous, perhaps the most eloquent, not lost to memory – the performance of the Russian team at the world Cup.

Whatever it was, the Turks in our qualifying group ahead. Typing in two games, three points, shared with Ireland the first two places. We with the Swiss, having no points, were in the position of poor relatives. Due to the worst difference of balls USSR miniature standings closed. Such here pies. So what are Turks?

The coach, 45-year-old Coskun Ozari, took the national team in 1972. Composition for three years explored thoroughly, so much so that since the last meeting of the USSR national team in world Cup qualification 1970, remained in their part two: goalkeeper Sabri and forward Kurt Metin. In this tournament, both matches held at home, a happy stadium in Izmir: for him the reputation of a mascot. Played a draw (1:1) with Ireland and won (2:1) Switzerland. Nezadolgo before the game in Kiev hosted the Romanian national team – 1:1.


In Kiev on the field was one team, the national team of the USSR, she’s a Dynamo. All 11 players of the starting lineup was represented by the champion of the country. The audience of the Kiev thousanders probably not immediately understand why their boys in red shirts pour onto the field. Looking, however, great: fresh, interesting, powerful, aggressive, attacked, or sought to do so throughout the match. Played quickly, interesting, different, wide, spectacular, matching. Red t-shirts turned them to face, did not act as a Dynamo, downtime, break, rolling a ball backwards and forwards. Nothing of the sort. All of them showed a desire to fight, to run forward and score. Scoring in the 75th minute of the third, continued to strangle the Turks.

Could have much more. Moments Holopainen not considered. Someone from journalists has counted as many as nine three Blokhin, two Troshkina, one not used Muntyan, Buryak, Kolotov and Veremeev. Another goal with the score 3:0 abolished the linear arbitrator. Home meekly he obeyed. Slow-motion replays from different angles proved the fallacy of judicial decisions.

Lev Filatov, the report author in the “Football-Hockey” (No. 14), more than forty years ago, touched upon the burning topic now unresolved: “We are faced with the phenomenon of our own day, when the potentials of the technology, beyond the capacity of the person. What was recorded by the camera, the eye judges simply have failed to grasp. I suppose that with time there will be still a need for more accurate control of the matches, and it is probably one of the most important problems of modern football.”

The report is detailed, vibrant, intelligent, wrote Lev, while, like dozens of his colleagues, Soviet and foreign, in filthy conditions. To describe did not take it, let him say: “Tiny, 40 seats, a nook on the podium at the draft, near the stairs, where the endless walking and screams, where such distress, not only to write, but just to move his mouth, where on the phone on the Desk and not have to dream, for some reason, is called the press box. Notice that the class of service of journalists, in my experience, many stadiums are usually in some way corresponds to the class of the teams at this stadium are based. It seems that to lose this item, the people of Kiev there is no need”. (Ibid.)

The only critical remark. The rest – positive, pleased big win, and the way was produced. “When the Soviet national team win with the score 3:0?” – asked fans on the pages of “Soviet sport” after a shameful, humiliating losing to a mediocre Irish team. Response received in the next qualifying match, April 2, 1975. Win vivid, compelling, returned to the faith in the possibility of qualifying from the group stage of the playoffs. Through the thick dark, gloomy clouds began smiling, a playful ray of light, a glimmer of hope. Look to the future with optimism. However, the chance of (at least theoretical) maintained and rivals: Ireland (2 games) and Turkey (3) by three points. We have after two games two points, Switzerland is the only match I lost.

“And who is still scoring goals?” – ask. If asked to refer to already prepared especially for you “compote” will not (it is documented), I will answer immediately. Two Kolotov from the penalty spot, the third – Blokhin. Both penalties, the consequence of excessively rough play guests, is undeniable. Scottish referee Davidson showed integrity, resolutely put out violent, turning into a riot protests violators and their sympathizers, insisted. The Turks played provocatively rude, our dedicated. Veremeev with a broken nose and Blokhin, experiencing unbearable pain in the leg, refused replacement. Just knocked out Onishchenko was carried off the field. Then entered the game the only “stranger” forward “Pakhtakor” Fedorov.

After the match someone from distressed Turkish journalists said, “Out, “Bursaspor” plays better team of Turkey”. Let me remind you, those same guys in the form of a Dynamo defeated and weak by Turkish standards, “Bursaspor” in the recent European Cup matches modestly – 1:0 and 2:0. What Lev Filatov instantly responded: “No, just the USSR national team plays a stronger Dynamo. I laughed. Joking, in early April, the USSR team looked so attractive, as none of our club (and team) at this time of the year first look.

In the “third” promised “compote”. In this, as in Greece, everything is there. Bon appetit.

USSR – TURKEY – 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: Kolotov, 25 – penalty (1:0). Kolotov, 56 – penalty (2:0). Blokhin, 75 (3:0).

USSR: Rudakov, Skates (Buryak, 65), Fomenko, tails, Matvienko, Troshkin, Muntean, Kolotov (K), Veremeev, Onishchenko (Fedorov, 80), Blokhin.

Turkey: Sabri, Kamal, Ismail, Zia (I), Alpaslan Ozturk, Zafer Engin, Rashid, Ali Kemal, Cemil Metin (Tuncay, 69).

Punishment: Zafer (warning).

Judges: Davidson. Downey, Neri (all – Scotland).

On 2 April. Kiev. Republican stadium. 100 000 spectators.

The only reproach is well seized of the Scottish referees – a “yellow card”. With the current refereeing the Turks would show yellow-red fireworks on the background of blue spring sky of Kyiv.

Follow the course. In the program April, in addition to those already described for the international part, the start of the USSR championship.


The preparations for the new season began long before its official opening, and were conducted in all directions, at all levels of the great football management. The traditional annual “gatherings” held the judges, coaches, methodologists, medical staff and the YCL teams. They sincerely believed in the enabling power of the adopted solutions, the implementation of firm intentions to get rid of is finally available in the past defects, work better, better.

12 Mar “Soviet sport” published an appeal to participants of all-Union meeting of players and coaches. Very much reminiscent, in fact required, prior to the may and November holidays, urging the Communist party to the workers, peasants, intellectuals (we have it always in the last place) and other groups. The difference is that the Soviet rulers encouraged subjects to improve labor enthusiasm. Audience the participants of the March meeting is much more modest. They said to colleagues, that is, to themselves. Players in the new season was supposed to steadily increase the demands on yourself, coaches – to show more creativity and ingenuity to improve the ideological and political and educational work, the judges – to lead a relentless struggle against the violators…

In exactly a month, April 12, on our street came to feast, for the fans all holidays holiday – season opening! Hard to believe, already the 37th. Captains of 16 teams according to the ritual was the accompaniment of the national anthem of the Soviet Union (later adopted a Russian citizenship) to raise on the flagpole of the scarlet sickle-answer banners. Raised to twelve. The first round of a truncated, defective turned out to be: of the eight games took place six. The main part of Kiev, tired games 2 and 6 April, respectively, with the Turkish team and the first match against PSV Eindhoven, joined the championship with the second round on April 16.

In Dnepropetrovsk the spectators who filled the stadium, waiting for the Rostov SKA. Not wait. “Breaking” the calendar started. Usually twisted somewhere closer to the fall. And then his eyes managed to open, in the sun of spring to look, get some fresh air… And you rushed. The game on April 12, was postponed to the 24th. the Reason, the trips abroad suddenly Rostovites drew a sin not to use “burning road”. Even in the scorching heat of Somalia. Everything is fine developed. And at home… About it, often in a creative rage ahead of time, I managed to tell October 19 in “SE”.

The remaining six stadiums all the way through: the audience came to their Boyfriends after a long separation, to see, goals to see the victory, if it happens, be noted. Is sacred, always ready. In two games, in Odessa and Tbilisi, in either eye: “dry law” was not allowed, with the zeros met people with them, and held. In Voroshilovgrad, as small children, the only goal was happy, but in Lviv, also the only one received from Moscow “Dynamo”, dead silence met.

However, in Tashkent “Pakhtakor” threw in the gate “Zenith” more than eight healthy groups together three already – (3:0). But there the incident happened in the middle of the first half, Tbilisi referee George Bakanidze lit the red light in front of the defender owners Grave and forwards guests Grebenozhko. Nothing special, got into a fight guys. The noise picked up terrible. The press was outraged, the public, and our punitive body, usually patient, tolerant, humane, suddenly excited, banged his fist on the table and was disqualified for five matches. Each. In 1975 six more removed (just!). Basically, two games leave. And then the beginning of the season, to punish to the full decided, in order to discourage others were.

Against this background, the giant looked the match in Donetsk “Shakhtar” with “torpedo”. Scored in 90 minutes than any of the other ten teams during 450 minutes. Six balls hither and thither flew. More often, four times, to the Moscow gate. The weather, though warm, windy, chilled him. Than warm, at the same time goals scored mark, their joy, others with sorrow? Not because black coffee, hot. There was hard liquor, hot overseas and the nobler color, the white. People have had (on many Soviet stadiums, despite the strict ban, carried). Why is coffee mentioned? Explain.


Flipping through the annual set binder “Socialist Donbass”, drew attention to the issue of 5 Feb. Director of stadium “Shakhtar” A. Shpak enthusiastically told the journalist about the plans is enormous: “the Main task is the field – rightly said the Director. It last year was never in doubt. But not to rest: in the spring produced overseeding (as in the text. – Approx. A. V.), ordered sprinkler and lawn care. Hold the repair in the course without closing the stadium, step by step renovate the grandstands, partly replace the searchlight, to take care of places for journalists, the offices for television and radio commentators”. Then the little things: radio stadium, the release of colorful programs, the supply of transport for rapid discharge of the stadium, food (gortolomei promised to provide sausages, coffee and soft drinks), etc., etc.

All this is fine. One thing bothered me: the speech of comrade Shpak oversaturated verbal categories primarily in the future. That alarmed me was kind of incomplete, scientifically flawed. The most used tense form in the speeches of leaders of different level, up to the highest. Even from the Soviet times, abundantly fed the people beautiful (and equally illusory) prospects. People overeat, to the point, pardon the expression, nausea (with consequences), what is worse, indigestion of food and volvulus. I don’t know about coffee, sausages and soft drinks, with the rest of the guard. Here’s what he wrote witness, honored master of sports Victor Monday, the “Soviet sport” (April 15): “How I met the participants of the Donetsk stadium “Shakhtar”? Cold changing rooms, dirty Windows, a small amount comfortable of the furniture. And on top of all these “attributes of hospitality” was added on the following: after the match, when the tired and sweating players entered the showers, Rozhkov only poured ice water…”. Said in the same newspaper the author of the report, the Donetsk correspondent of “Soviet sport” M. Levitsky: “I have Not worked the scoreboard was not created and more or less decent conditions for work of journalists and commentators”.

Surely critics are not familiar with the Director’s February speech. It is known (this morning cited excerpts from it) so you have to remember that he promised to complete the work in stages, without indicating a specific timeframe. Therefore, the next stage has not yet arrived, the time until all unfinished and undone does not fit, and comrade A. Shpak may have been very busy, was in a stage of development selected for repair work funds. You want the Director of the Donetsk stadium in just two months the brilliance and beauty point and to the hot water flowed from the horns? It does not happen.

Responsibility is to Express: to all here described the players and the coach of Shakhtar nothing had they prepared for the season. Senior coach, 38-year-old Vladimir Salkov, not so long ago has finished career of the football player in Donetsk team was its captain. In August of 1974 acted MOE: threw him for salvation find themselves in the disastrous situation of the miners. Now for the first time started with a preparatory period. Worked on the eye, as was formerly done. Took the case seriously, purposefully. Carefully thought through and made plans for daily, weekly, monthly. Picked up a variety of exercises, identified cycles of loading and unloading, alternating sessions with the rest…