The military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison Central region of Ukraine is provided by the control of official investigation on the fact of illness of military personnel.
Poisoned 20 military / photo UNIAN military units in the Kiev region suffered 20 conscripts.

As reports a press-service of military Prosecutor of the Central region of Ukraine, 4 December at 16.30 in the medical post of one of the military units stationed in Vasylkiv, Kiev region, turned 12 conscripts complaining of stomach pain, diarrhea, subfebrile temperature.

Military personnel provided first aid and preliminary diagnosis gastroenterocolitis.

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December 5, the officers of the 10th Regional sanitary-epidemiological management measures were taken to establish the causes that preceded this fact, in particular, selected bacterial swabs, water samples and food in a military unit, issued an order regarding registration of cases of acute intestinal infections.

6 Dec administration has been carried out departure to the specified military unit to conduct additional research.

Now under the supervision of physicians National military medical clinical center “Main military clinical hospital” there are 20 people.

The military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison Central region of Ukraine is provided by a control for conducting internal investigations of the diseases of soldiers. The results of the investigation will be carried out an appropriate response, and if there is reason to guilty officials will be held to liability as prescribed by law.

We will remind, in June in the Kiev Military Institute of massively poisoned the students. It was reported 150 victims.