Guillermo RIGONDEAUX. Photo: Reuters

A historic event in professional Boxing, as already mentioned, will be the fight of 9 December, on the famous Madison Sguare Garden in new York.

In this game for the first time will cross gloves two-time Olympic Champions and world Amateur Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko and Cuban Guillermo Rigondeaux. In the role of professionals Lomachenko (9-1-0, 7 KO’s), the belt holder of world champion WBO in the second Featherweight, Rigondeaux (18-0-0, 11 KO’s) – WBA Super and IBO in the second lightest. At stake is their fight – the title of the Ukrainian boxer.

A month before the super match; bookmakers have already started taking bets. They are considered the favourites Lomachenko, whose win ratio is 1.22. The same indicators Rigondeaux is much lower and reach the level of 4.00. Quotes for a draw is equal to 23.00.

What do you think of his chances of success are the direct participants of the coming event? This they told to a popular edition of BoxingScene.

Guillermo Rigondeaux: “Comparing the levels of our opponents, I can say that Lomachenko they were weaker. As for his size, I almost always fight with those who are above me. If you doubt that, I confess, the reason my lifting into two categories above is that no one wants to fight with me. Anyway, the problem will be not me, but him. And all because, unlike other opponents Lomachenko, I’m not a dead man walking, with whom he fought…”

Basil Lomachenkoabout these statements of the opponent gave a sharp answer: “Rigondeaux is very short, tells half the big guys that he respects those who aren’t afraid of him. This bacon is generally something mixed up. Anything, on December 9 he’ll understand that in order to climb higher, only one character is not enough. I now think: he says-he says, and then he will wear the yellow bib, as cyclists, get her, sit on the bike and will be in the ring to do 45 minutes “Paris – Dakar”. They say he has the most powerful jaw? 9 Dec we will check the strength of the jaw of a Jackal. Biting not going. I’m going there…”.

Earlier on an interview Rigondeaux said that his childhood was forced to watch Soviet cartoons. And in particular about Cheburashka and crocodile Gena. So he, they say, will vent their anger for it to Lomachenko.

Basil said it with a humorous video featuring a hat with big ears: “We’re shooting “return of the Cheburashka”, a new series. The premiere of the animated series will be December 9 in new York. Don’t miss this!”

Your opinions and predictions regarding the upcoming superduel shared with HBO Boxing and ESPN Deportes famous American boxers-Champions.

Bernard Hopkins: “Lomachenko wins and will do it in later rounds. I think it will be a very difficult battle. Both work in similar styles – defensive, and with good speed. But I give the advantage Lomachenko. I think he will succeed because it’s better goes on the attack. Rigondeaux starts very slow and throws a lot of punches. Moreover, Lomachenko will not allow Rigondeaux to apply a larger amount of punches.”

Mikey Garcia: “It will be a good fight. There are two boxer with excellent technique. I think Lomachenko should win. It has the advantage in physique. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Rigondeaux can take the fight. He met with top boxers, while Lomachenko fought good opponents, but no more. But it’s definitely gonna be a great fight that people want to see”.

Roberto Duran: “it is not easy to predict the outcome of this match. But I would venture to bet on Rigondeaux. He is stronger and faster. In his new weight category, its impact will be even greater. People believe that if you become heavier, your power goes somewhere. That’s bullshit. In fact, you become stronger, faster and fitter”.

Robert Garcia: “Who will win? I think Lomachenko. He is Boxing in his native division. I believe that he can fight with rivals, from the heavier divisions, for example, 135 pounds. And Rigondeaux, if loses, may go back to 122 lbs. I think Lomachenko Rigondeaux will win by decision of judges.”

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine