Lionel MESSI and Giuliano POSEUR. Photo:

Italian doctor Giuliano Poser – the secret weapon of the Argentine star Lionel Messi.


13 July 2014 Lionel Messi has lost the biggest final in his career. At the stadium “Maracana” in Rio de Janeiro just concluded match between Argentina and Germany (0:1), the Germans for the fourth time became the world Champions, and the frame with Messi, blankly walking past the Golden Cup, is one of the biggest shots of the year.

It is impossible to imagine the level of frustration the Argentine is the club’s season was not set up for the third year in a row – from 2012 to 2014. Barcelona have won just one League title in Spain and was consistently knocked out of the Champions League, failing to get to home games (two semifinals and a quarterfinal). Leo was injured, he was constantly throwing up on the field, there weight, the title of best player of the world gradually moved from Barcelona to Madrid, home of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi around the light gradually began to fade.

A light bulb lit Martin Demichelis, the partner team, and senior fellow of Lionel (between 6 years difference). He always said something about Messi’s friend, the nutritionist, the present master of his craft, but he still waved, laughing asked: “Better come to my barbecue!” Now was not amused, and Martin persisted, “You must go to him. Here’s a number you call will not regret it”. So in a small clinic in the town of Sacile in Northern Italy, one day the phone rang – Messi signed up for my first appointment.


In Sacile (90 kilometers from Venice) live 20 thousand people. One of them is Giuliano Poseur, sports doctor, nutritionist and kinesiologist (specialist detecting pathology in the body). When I first met Messi in 2014, he was 59 years, 30 of which he worked with the famous Italian players (Roberto Baggio, Giorgio Chiellini) and football clubs: Udinese Calcio, Venice and Palermo, where even was part of the medical staff President Maurizio Zamparini. “Martin Demichelis – a great friend of mine, he advised Messi to contact me – told me a Poser in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. – Surprised? No, but for me it was a big challenge.”

The Italian describes his method, applied kinesiology: “This is the diagnosis and research of muscle tone, capacity and condition of internal organs. Depending on the obtained results to each athlete gets individual attention. But everything is based on proper nutrition”. Messi immediately heard from the Poser – no pizza, sugar, soda (only water), pork, beef (allowed in small quantities on the famous BBQ was recommended to forget), dairy products, flour and stuffed with additives, vegetables and fruits. Heard – and sad. “It is normal that many athletes are skeptical about this mode at the initial stage, says Poser. But after three weeks, when the first results, they will not stop. One only has to think a little bit”. In his office hangs a plaque, which he shows to every guest: “the human Mind is like a parachute – it does not work until will be revealed”.


Telling Messi that he is now not eating, Italian physician explained that it is possible. “I’m not a magician and not a magician, it’s pretty simple: mineral water, olive oil (extra virgin), whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, dried fruits and various seeds. Again, no sugars, and should not be abused salt – the body needs it, but in small quantities. Of course, alcohol and tobacco should be excluded,” naked Poser already in conversation with Mundo Deportivo.

The harsh approach has paid off and Messi had lost 3.5 pounds, it stopped vomiting during matches (in 2016, though, several times attacks were repeated) movement is back ease 18-year-old, significantly improved overall physical condition. From 2006 to 2013 Leo 11 times injured – 9 of them were muscular. After meeting with the Poser the number of injuries has decreased markedly in September 2015, the Argentine has damaged ligaments in his left knee (2 month recovery), and a year later injured his adductor muscle and will be out for a month. All. For a player of 28-30 years, performing at the ultimate level loads 60-70 matches a year, and still receiving the legs as much as Messi is a good indicator. Perhaps the fact that sometimes Leo allows himself the so-called “Breakfast-Argentine”: kettle Mata and toast with condensed milk.


At Barcelona learned long ago: if it is good Messi is good at everything. Largely due to the appearance in the life of a footballer Italian physician so incredibly developed for Leo and Catalans the 2014/15 season: in the first year under the leadership of Luis Enrique, Barça won the Spanish League, the domestic Cup and the Champions League. In the first year of working with Poser Messi 4 times flew to Italy for a consultation. The third meeting took place on 23 April 2015, Poseur again made a detailed nutrition program to semifinal matches in the Champions League, the Argentine came fully armed.

Nobody knows what exactly was eating Messi before the game against Bayern, but his hunger was so strong that in the first semifinal (3:0) he “ate” Jerome Boateng, Manuel Neuer and all the German club, making a brace and gave an assist to Neymar. The fourth time Poser and Leo met in early June – a few days before in Berlin, Messi lifted another Cup Champions produced in the fight with Juventus (3:1).


As soon as the world learned who goes for the Messi advice, telephone the clinic in Sacile became red-hot. Called and journalists wishing to explore all the secrets, and athletes, for which the Argentine example was illustrative. “Messi is God. So, you – a nutritionist from God,” was heard in the tube. While most Poseur such hype was not like: “I expect that I’m out every second now I will make a new Messi. But it’s impossible! Leo is unique, not repeat. All I can do is just to extend his career as a professional athlete and help him to avoid trouble with health”.

However, many players lined up to see him. After Messi the property Poser asked Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero – the first to get rid of extra pounds, the second is to gain a margin of safety to combat injuries. The latter, who spoke about the Spartan conditions diet Poseur, was Lautaro Acosta, Argentine striker “Lanus” – finalist of the Copa Libertadores-2017: “a Nutritionist Messi won’t let you have practically nothing. In my case accessed cheese, meat, eggs… Missing life itself!”

Poser is really not the wizard, otherwise the Leo could not be peeled from every possible podium, as happened in 2015. The good the football is to advance it to predict anything. But ahead of the 2018 world Cup, which means that the conversation in the hospital in Sacile will be long and thorough. Messi will be hungry again to go by the gold Cup, the Argentinian is not exactly configured.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express