Lithuanian startup AKO Trike presented the second prototype of its two-seat electric trike, and also a computer rendering of how it will ultimately look like.

The first prototype trike was a “naked,” as buggy as the frame and suspension. Premiere test drive took place in October last year. Testing of the second prototype was held on 12 may, while he checked the motor.

In the final version for the driver and passenger will have established a solid futuristic cabin with a good view. The passenger seat will be located behind the driver. In case of an accident provides front and side airbags and four-point seatbelts. There is also a compartment for Luggage. Trike equipped with a patented mechanism to protect from tipping over when tilted up to 30 degrees.

The power of the engine ensures that the battery pack is designed for a 300-kilometer mileage and fast charging. The engine capacity of 140 kW is able to disperse the trike up to 240 km/h, but the serial version, the maximum speed will be less.

The trike will be classified as complete vehicles – so its exploitation will require a driver’s license. The beginning of a crowdfunding campaign for its promotion is scheduled for September-October.

Source — AKO Trike