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Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from may 15 open internal borders

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The Prime Ministers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia agreed on may 15 to open the internal borders for the free movement of residents between neighbouring countries. To such agreement heads of government came during the joint conference. The inhabitants of the Baltic States arriving from other countries will have to follow a two-week regime of self-isolation, said on Twitter Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins

Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Squirrels added on his page in Facebook that all three countries, according to his colleagues, properly controlled the spread of the coronavirus in their territories and trust the health systems of each other. Squirrels said that after the travel between countries also need to spend two weeks in isolation at home.

He also recalled that on may 11, the borders between Lithuania and Poland for residents of these countries. To cross the border freely without the requirement to spend two weeks in isolation will deal with those who will go to Poland for work, business or study.

The Ministry of transport of Latvia, in turn, works to may 13, to resume international air and Maritime passenger transport is limited. This decision must be taken by the government.

According to the forecast of the Minister of health of Latvia Ilze Viņķele, limitations in one way or another will continue until the end of this year. Depending on the dynamics of the distribution COVID-19 in the country, the restrictive measures will be gradually lifted. But if the infections start to rise, the government will again go to the tightening of quarantine measures, reports Sputnik Latvija.