KIEV. May 31. UNN. Estonian residents actively buy alcohol in Latvia. The reason for this “alcoholic migration” in price difference. About this in his article notes the expert of the alcohol market Igor Tovkach, reports UNN.

“This pattern is observed in Lassale. But there is already the Lithuanians are buying alcohol. And not only. In Bauska and Eleia opened strategic stores selling alcoholic beverages network Vynoteka. Alcoholic supermarket appeared in the former border crossing point – grenctāle.

In only one Latvian Valka for visitors built six large alcohool that for a city with ten thousand inhabitants incredibly much. On the border, where he built the Super Alko shops, is booming,” he notes.

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After Estonia to buy cheap alcohol in Latvia Finns and Swedes, emphasizes Tovkach.

“As a local joke – that’s how our neighbors “refuel”. A particularly large influx of foreign drinkers is observed when the Latvian shops are organized actions”, – stated in the material.

Today Lithuanian business adapted to this phenomenon as alcoholism. To go for cheaper alcohol in Latvia is possible, using the free bus.

“These bus tours are popular among residents of both sides. Lithuanians in Latvia purchase alcohol, and Latvians in Lithuania – implement “their” alcoholic drinks and buying local oil,” – said Tovkach.

Recall, as reported UNN, Ukraine has managed to significantly increase exports of alcohol to the EU. For two years this indicator has grown almost twice.

In General the alcohol industry of Ukraine has good export potential.

But its implementation is extremely lacking stable tax policy, and other administrative steps towards domestic producers from the state.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Beverage Trading Company Olga Ivushkina, when the balanced state position legal alcohol could bring the state billions of hryvnias in the budget year.

“When the balanced state position legal alcohol could bring the state additional billions of hryvnias in the budget year. This sector able to provide jobs for thousands of Ukrainians.

Moreover, the ability to compete on international markets. Besides, Ukrainian market is attractive from the point of view of having good production capacity, which today, compared with production sites in Europe nothing worse,” she said.