KIEV. July 27. UNN. Since the beginning of this year tax specialists of the Kharkiv region was carried out 356 inspections of retail and wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco. This was told in a press-service GU of the SFS Kharkiv region, reports UNN.

“By results of consideration of materials of inspections to entities applied financial sanctions for a total sum of 3,9 million UAH. Revenues amounted to 2,6 million UAH”, – told in a press-service GU of the SFS in Kharkiv region.

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In this case, the SFS noted that most entrepreneurs err: illegal trade of alcohol drinks and tobacco products; the sale of alcoholic beverages through the RRO, which is not specified in the licence; the absence of receipt of documents for excisable goods and a failure to cash checks; sale and storage of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products without existence of excise tax stamps; failure to comply with the requirements of the current legislation to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages; illegal production of alcoholic beverages.

Entrepreneurs of Kharkiv region often sell alcoholic beverages, which goes to the cost of the minimum retail prices for alcoholic beverages added tax.

Recall, according to the EP, the Ukrainian market of illegal alcoholic production became the largest in Europe, it reaches 60% and outputs from the budgets of about 360 million euros. At the same time, the budget of Ukraine because of illegals annually loses about UAH 12 billion.

Therefore, if the state fought the shadow, and would support legal manufacturers, the alcohol business could significantly replenish the state Treasury, said the head of the Board of Directors of the company-the manufacturer of alcoholic beverages Beverage Trading Company Olga Ivushkina.

“When the balanced state position, the legal alcohol could bring the state additional billions of hryvnias in the budget year. This sector able to provide jobs for thousands of Ukrainians. Moreover, the ability to compete on international markets. Besides, Ukrainian market is attractive from the point of view of having good production capacity, which today, in comparison with production sites in Europe, nothing worse,” she said.