KIEV. July 27. UNN. From 19 to 25 July on the territory of the Odessa region, there were 4 cases of African swine fever, reports UNN , citing data from Gospodarevskaya.

In particular, the ASF found on the territory of the Danube biosphere reserve (including wild pigs); near the village division of the tatarbunar district (discovered 2 dead domestic pigs), territory Officer (including wild pigs), as well as in Vladychen village of Bolgrad district (including wild pigs).

“The foci are actions to contain and prevent the spread of the pathogen ASF”, – assured the state foods and consumer service.

Note that since the beginning of the year Ukraine has already recorded about 80 cases of ASF.

Over the past five years for losses taken as a result of the quarantine measures for reasons of ASF pigs are 170,3 million.

To overcome Achs Ukraine is hampered by the lack of professional personnel, the politician believes Sergey Trigubenko. And also the endless process of reforming Gospodarevskaya, which causes a lot of critical comments.