Valentine Buchok that almost died in his own yard, was badly damaged. She was seriously injured by a grenade, which the attackers tied to the gate of her house, making a mine-stretching, according to Диалог.UA.

In your Facebook journalist Denis Kazansky said that Bucak save the doctors, she was in the hospital in serious condition.

As noted by the journalist, Valentine Buchok – normal female retirement age, which has no business, it doesn’t occupy any influential post. And the only reason why someone might want her dead is the frankness of Valentina.

Valentine Buchok, not hiding anything about his time in the infamous torture chambers “DNR” – “Isolation”. She openly told me how she was harassed, called names his tormentors.

That is, the woman is important for Ukraine and dangerous for “DNR” witness of the crimes committed in the “country”.

“Attempt on her life could do that due to the fact that she is not afraid to give interviews and to talk about the crimes of militants”, – said Denis Kazan.

Recall that in the network appeared the first photos from the scene of the explosion, injuring Valentine Buchok. By the way, this is the second attempt after the liberation of the captive, when a woman wanted to deal.

Valentine Buchok already wanted to kill, but then the police never investigated.

We will remind, attempt on Valentine Buchok happened today, June 20, a woman was injured in the blast, which rang out in her yard about 08:00.

Nadezhda Nikitina