You need to insert a fragment from a downloaded movie, a report from a TV channel or another YouTube channel into your video, but the watermark spoils the frame? In the article we will briefly tell you how to remove the watermark using PC programs. If you are interested in other ways, read the full instructions on how to remove the logo from the video.

Video Editing
This Russian-language software is easy to learn and is suitable even for beginners who need to quickly mount a video clip. The program is compatible with all popular versions of Windows – 10, 8, 7, and XP. In video editing, you can not just remove the watermark, but also crop the video, add an audio track, apply effects, make titles and insert inscriptions.

How to remove a watermark from a video in the Video Editing program:

  • Open the video editor and create a new project.
  • Select the files to process by clicking on the corresponding button in the start menu. You can also drag the desired material from the desktop or from any folder.
  • Delete the watermark using the crop option. To do this, position the green frame on the roller so that the watermark does not fall into the selected area.

    If cropping is unacceptable for some reason, for example, the necessary information is cut off, then you can put your own image on the logo. To do this, go to the “Pictures” section and select or download the appropriate option.

  • Fix the result. Save the video without a watermark in a format that is convenient for you by clicking on the appropriate button.

  • Cropping is suitable if the logo does not cover anything of value

    A free video editor for processing video content of various formats. The software contains not only options for removing unnecessary objects, but also tools for color correction, stylish filters for Instagram, text effects, mask modes and much more.

    How to remove watermark from video in VSDC:

  • Import the desired file into the editor.
  • Select the DeLogo filter in the “Video Effects” tab and apply it to the watermark, adjusting the size of the frame.
  • Determine the degree of intensity and parameters of the masking filter — you can make a blur, pixelation or mosaic. If the blurred logo is still superfluous, then crop the video by cropping the watermark.
  • Save the result by going to the “Export Project” tab.

  • Remove unnecessary objects by blurring them or cropping the video

    It allows you to process and mount high-quality videos and is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. However, the free version of the program itself adds a watermark to all created content. Therefore, if you plan to work with software, you will need to purchase a license, its cost is $ 39.99 per year.

    How to remove a logo from a video in Filmora:

  • Run the program and add a file to edit to the working field.
  • Select the Mosaic function from the Effects menu. Place the frame on the logo and optimize its size to fit the desired one. This will blur the watermark. Also, the logo can be removed by cropping, as in previous cases.
  • Save the edited video.

  • Only in the paid version of the program you can remove the watermark

    Summing up the results
    Above, three ways were considered to remove unnecessary text or pictures from video materials. The video editing program will be the most suitable for such purposes, as it combines ease of operation with good functionality.

    Removing various objects from videos is a common practice, but remember that watermarks are usually used to protect copyrights. Therefore, before you remove something from someone else’s materials, you should make sure that your actions will not lead to copyright infringement.