In recent years, was announced a few scenarios and even the dates of when the Earth will perish and there will be an end of mankind.

But recently, experts have found in the Bible is another prophecy that the world will end in the next, 2019, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Even the representatives of ancient tribes talked about the end of the world, the ancient predictions of the Apocalypse refer to the prophecies of the ancient Mayans. Archaeologists even discovered a stone slab carved with her calendar where Maya put the last date fell on in 2012.Subsequently, however, the experts have proved that this year was supposed to happen end of the world, and the rebirth of the tribe.

Further, the end of the world predicted by the Hopi Indians.

By the way, is already fulfilled some of their predictions. For example, such as the Iraq war and the Second world war, and major earthquakes.

But the end of the world, according to the Indians, should happen only after 15 years, in 2035. Before that, the Earth will rage terrible disease and disasters.

Scientist Newton wrote that in 2060, all will be lost, in addition to representatives of the Jewish nation.

But it so happened that the mystics, and other experts not simply predicted the end of the world and its tolerated.

For example, Nostradamus end of the world changed four times. First, he talked about the fact that it will happen in 1999. Then a fortuneteller said that the destruction of mankind will happen in the year 2080. Even Nostradamus said that mankind would die after a nuclear war in the year 2250. And the last time Nostradamus predicted the end of the world in the year 3979.

Wang once said that the Earth will die in the year 2378 after it flooded the high water.

Moreover, the end of the world even said the saints. Such as blessed Matrona. Though it is the end of the world she predicted in 2017, did not come true.

Talked about the Apocalypse and John the Revelator in the book of Revelation.

The latest prediction of the end of the world recently found in the Bible, and more specifically from the prophet Isaiah. Scientists read about it in the 17th Chapter of the book of the prophet.

So, if you believe what the prophet said, the end of the world on Earth will happen after fall of Syria and its capital Damascus. Cities will be destroyed, of them people will go away.

Scientists believe that it will happen in January 2019. As predicted, the prophet, after the fall of Syria will descend from heaven and Jesus immediately come judgment day.

In his turn, the preacher from America Paul Begley is more accurate, he believes that the date of judgement day is January 22.

My assumption preacher is based on the Scripture where there is reference to the Bloody moon. But astrologers and astronomers do portend the ascension of this moon. In people it is called Eclipse, 21-22 January 2019.

By the way, the blood moon is associated with Nibiru, she had to collide with Earth in December of this year.

But astronomers then hastened to deny the December end of the world, stressing that if Nibiru is not visible in orbit, so it will not appear.

Previously, scientists said that during the end of the world people will painfully die.

Recall, the experts explained why mankind can not avoid the Apocalypse.