Participants of “95 Quarter” Yevgeniy Koshevoy and Yuri Tkach published in “Instagram” humorous video in which he sang the song about the quarantine.

Artists have shown that eating in isolation. Boredom and excess free time weaver and Mishka “stuffed” their bellies, the size of which is widened considerably. At first glance comic video not everyone had to like it. Many in the nines criticized the movie.

“Boys, meni feel sorry for you, spints, God vzhe kruscica,” writes wearer Network.

“What is HR*n to eat, if nothing works, no wages, and when people call, do not clear. And you have only your videos monotonous record,” writes another.

“You are like twins! Mishka gorged belly is not less than the Weaver,” added the subscriber.

“Make a better song as your “friend” has left people without wages and money,” writes the lady.

Recall, “kvartalova” was prostable the former frontman of “Evening quarter” Vladimir Zelensky for the unfulfilled promise of the “landings” do not clean the hands of bureaucrats and violated the law of politicians. The video has caused in the Network furor.

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