The actor continues litigation with his ex-wife.

Recently, johnny Depp told about how during a family quarrel, a wife almost cut off his finger with a broken bottle. And in proof of his words about the aggressiveness of his former sweetheart johnny Depp allegedly collected 87 video from home security cameras that gave the court.

Depp’s lawyers are convinced that Hurd tried to spur his career and for that previously brought charges against Depp, claiming that he beat her.

For all caused him torment slandered, in his opinion, the actor, whose work lately has been very bad, requires that the ex-wife of fifty million dollars. Recall, after all the media wrote about the fact that Depp is beating amber heard, the actor’s career went into a tailspin.

The Directors refused to cooperate with him, the fans were condemned, and some even stopped going to the movies, where he played a major role. In addition, amber has sued Depp seven million dollars.

In January 2014, Depp made the proposal amber, 3 Feb 2015 they got married, and in may of the following year, the actress filed for divorce, as the reason for putting “irreconcilable differences”. In January 2017, their divorce was formalized.