The agreement for the modernization of the Indian military aircraft was a strange intermediaries.

“Spetstechnoexport” is a concern “Ukroboronprom” / photo

The leadership of the Ukrainian state enterprise “Spetstechnoexport”, which is a concern “Ukroboronprom” and is engaged in import and export of weapons illegally brought abroad two million dollars with a contract for 400 million for the modernization of the Indian military aircraft.

This is stated in the story TSN.

In 2009 Ukraine signed the largest ever contract for the modernization of the Indian military aircraft that India bought in the Soviet Union. The amount of the contract amounted to $ 400 million. The agreement gradually worked, but was incredibly supplementary agreements for mediation services.

One of these mediators has been Indian Pawan Khabar. With Ukraine in 2009 signed an agreement for two million dollars. His company, Global Consultants And Services registered in Hong Kong. And although India’s mediation in the defense industry is prohibited in Ukraine, this is not surprising. After 5 years new management “Spetstechnoexport” this deal breaks. And the security Service of Ukraine prohibits Pavano Kabaru entry to Ukraine. And 2 million “Fully” transferred to the company with the title tune, but which is located in Dubai. Myself Pawan Khabar to speak on camera refused because in India he could face criminal prosecution.

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“Under the terms of the contract with India was forbidden involvement in the execution of this contract of any intermediaries. And the defense Ministry confirmed that was indeed such a condition”, – told in Prosecutor’s office.

The Indian Embassy also officially did not comment on TSN, but was aware of the case. In particular, at the time it sent the attorney General a note of protest. And also collaborated with the NAB, which at that time had already opened criminal proceedings on the fact that “Spetstechnoexport” gave two million dollars to the wrong place. About the case no one remembered, yet in this case didn’t come with the manual “Spetstechnoexport”.

During the trial, the Prosecutor stated that the Indian side actually denies the involvement of any intermediary. India signed the direct contract with “Spetstechnoexport”. And those already engaged third-party company. A company from Dubai, where he was listed $ 2 million, are generally not included in any agreement.

Former head of the “Spetstechnoexport” Paul Barbul, who broke an agreement with an Indian man during a court session declared that at the time of his appointment Bolshoye Indian contract was in jeopardy.

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“When I started working on a post of the head of the company, the contract was broken and was not running for almost two years. The aircraft, which was supposed to leave the territory of Ukraine, in 2015, stood on the repairs,” he said.

The court of all defendants in the case were released on bail. Only former Deputy Barbula Vladimir Mucins remained under round-the-clock house arrest. According to him, when he 2014 I came in “Spetstechnoexport”, the Indian contract somehow execute is not a state enterprise “plant 410 civil aviation”, and three private enterprises. So the new head made it back to the factory state.

“The claim is that after the arrival of the Director he transferred supplies from the Ukrainian private companies to the state plant “Zavod 410 GA”. There were additional agreements, in particular, additional agreements with companies that have provided additional services – insurance transportation, some services for promotion of products, covering any”, – explained the Mucins.

But where did the company from Dubai, which received the money, he explained.

“I don’t know, we have a lot of organizations that just to check,” he said.

So what happened to the two million dollars of the big contract of 400 million – is still unknown. And if there are additional agreements signed more than a decade, I wonder where went the remaining funds. The Indian side remains silent, despite the fact that it is an international scandal. The NEB, in turn, abstains from comments. Former and current Directors of “Spetstechnoexport”.