Ukrainian Duo ahead of only a couple from Japan and France.
Jim z prima badly at the Christmas race / Gelsenkirchen (Germany) ended with the traditional annual commercial Christmas race-2018.

Ukraine in the competition this year was represented by Julia Jim and Artem prima, which has occupied 8-e a place, informs the official website of the competition.

Our Duo failed and shooting at the shooting range and the rate of speed of the race, behind the winner the race in 2 minutes, 12.3 seconds.

The winners of the race became luet Italian Dorothea Wierer – Lucas Hofer, second place at the Franziska Preuss and Simon Clean (Germany), and in a dispute for 3rd place another German Benedikt doll (performed a duet with Denise Hermann) noble behind the legends of the Norwegian biathlon OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway), Darya Domracheva (Belarus), for whom this was his final race in his career.

Thus, the Norwegian and the singer took the third place.


1. Dorothea Wierer/Lukas Hofer (Italy, 6) 33:23,6

2. Preuss Franziska Simon Schempp (Germany, 3) +1,2

3. Darya Domracheva (Belarus) – OLE Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway, 3) +24,2

4. Denise Herrmann – Benedikt Doll (Germany, 3) +24,3

5. Lisa Theresa Hauser – Dominik Landertinger (Austria, 6) +1:04,1

6. Veronika Vitkova – Krcmar Of Michal (Czech Republic, 5) +1:09,5

7. Ekaterina Yurlova-Part – Anton Shipulin (Russia, 4) +1:48,8

8. Julia Jim – Pryma Artem (Ukraine, 7) +2:12,3

9. Fuuko Tachizaki – Mikita Tachizaki (Japan, 9) +2:58,0

10. Bescond Anais – Emilien Jaklen (France, 8) +3:11,3