Japanese figure skating fans unhappy with the behavior of the Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva, who came to their country during a pandemic coronavirus and does not comply with the quarantine.

  • Reuters

“The representative of your country Evgenia Medvedeva arrived in Sweden before the ban on entry. She came to participate in the show Prism on Ice (Sailor Moon), but it can be assumed that it will be cancelled. Where she was, arose life inconvenience, in consequence of which she came to Hachinohe, where he was seen shopping in the supermarket. How can you afford to rent a rink and train in a foreign country? All Japanese angered by her actions. Take her back to Russia,” wrote one fan on Twitter, referring to the Russian Embassy.

Japan imposed a state of emergency due to pandemic coronavirus. The inhabitants of the country are recommended for this period to comply with self-isolation.

Informed Tarasov compared care Medvedeva from Tutberidze divorce in the family.