ODESSA-KIEV. 12 Feb. UNN. In Chernomorsk an outbreak of salmonellosis among 9 people who ate at the Italian café. About it the correspondent said UNN in a press-service of Gospodarevskaya in the Odessa region.

“During sanepidsluzhby cafe “Italian quarter” revealed violations of sanitary legislation (in the absence of sanitary-hygienic conditions of manufacture of prepared dishes of food raw materials, not provided by the input control of food raw materials and food products, is not observed sanitary-hygienic norms and regulations, sanitary and technical condition of the premises is unsatisfactory, the data on passage of medical examination is not submitted, etc.), resulting in the head of the institution is fined, issued a Decision on temporary prohibition of operation of the café until the elimination of violations, the implementation of which is under the control, suspended from work staff who discovered pathogenic Staphylococcus and Salmonella”, – stated in the message.

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Epibrassinolide continues.